Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are definitely changing the game of recruitment. The recruitment process has come a very long way from the earlier days of paper resumes and cold calls. Online job sites play a major role in talent acquisition, but artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are taking the recruiting and hiring horizons to the next level.

In the recruitment sector, AI has been evolving for a couple of years now. The last few years have proven that, in some structures, AI is turning into an absolute necessity in the recruitment specialist’s tool supply. We, at ShoreWise are efficiently implementing the technology in the recruitment process.


Let’s see some fascinating and outstanding uses of AI in recruitment that will be trending in the coming years.

Use of Chatbots in Recruitment

Chatbots gather details of candidates such as their resume and contact information and screen them based on candidates’ experience, knowledge, and skills. Also, it provides answers to FAQs about the job and the application process and finally, schedule an interview with a human recruiter. Various organizations nowadays are using chatbots as a fundamental tool for recruitment.

Relation Building with Candidates

The AI and AI components at every stage differentiate supposed candidates and also propose the best time to connect with those candidates. This enables the recruiters to connect with them through chat, voice commands, video calls, etc. Also keeps them updated through an inbuilt communication methodology.

Eliminating Bias

The inclination towards candidates is a major concern in the field of recruitment but partiality has no place in technology. AI components & tools screen candidates purely based on their experience, skills, and qualifications. Thus, there is no scope of bias when you use AI in the recruitment process.

Smart Candidate Screening

 You get numerous candidate applications for any job you post on your site; the use of artificial intelligence in your recruitment process lets you screen all applicants regardless of their number. Artificial intelligence is about making sure that the candidates are the best fit and are up to your expectations.

Smart Automation

Recruitment is an ongoing process, also recording the number of working hours of each employee, calculation of overtime pays, updating reward & referral points, etc. This work takes time for you to update on regular basis, and you will always have to be on your computer. You can automatically assign this task to AI, to ensure that you do not encounter such repetitive tasks of any kind. The idea is not just to save time but also to improve accuracy.

Access to candidate’s database

Recruiters have lots of candidates in their database but the recruitment software cannot tell which candidates are best for them. The AI can look at your list and analyze it based on your requirements so that the best kind of candidates are accessible. Without even posting a post or advertising for open slots, it’ll be easy for you to select the best talent from your pool.



How can AI transform the future of the recruiting industry and the job market?

Using AI to reinforce the recruiting funnel can permit corporations to expertise larger efficiencies, spend less time attempting to fill open roles, and longer developing internal talent. Humans and AI operating along can result in a resistance recruiting setting wherever the proper candidates square measure connected to the proper jobs, at the proper time and also the right place.


Let’s Bust a Few Myths About AI in Recruitment

  • Many Recruitment professionals feel that they will lose their jobs if AI performs their tasks. But the truth is that the final decision of hiring rests with the recruiter. Thus, AI will only ease the work of a recruiter and not eliminate it.
  • One of the opinions is that AI will take over human intelligence. We don’t believe this, as humans will have the power to make all the important decisions always.
  • People feel that AI is a robot. They start visualizing a robot when they hear of AI. The truth is that AI is just software in a computer. It operates at the backend while technology takes care of automating the rest of your business processes.
  • AI and humans have the same learning ability. Not at all. AI learns from machine learning and commands given by humans.

The recruitment industry is taking up growth by applying much smarter ways to recruit, i.e., recruiting by AI and its components are focusing on the change which is taking place in the overall recruitment process.

ShoreWise is committed to working with the best and brightest minds to continue exploring how artificial intelligence & machine learning can help to simplify & digitalize the recruitment process. Our ultimate goal is to build a far more efficient job market powered by Artificial Intelligence. We’re committed to make it a reality.