Today you don’t just choose talent, talent also chooses you!


Improve the quality of hire

Talent Acquisition managers rate excellence of hire as the most valuable KPI for their recruiting teams. On an obvious level, what we all want to know is: Is my hiring process actually picking the right talent?

As per LinkedIn, 41% of organizations world view ranks it as their top primacy. A recent survey found that while promptness was the metric used to measure recruiting triumph currently, excellence was the metric most desired to be used in the forthcoming.


Recruit for culture

Always recruit resources who can take forward the culture of the organization and build the same down the line. As with excellence of hire, it’s significant to define what your culture of tomorrow looks like ahead of time versus feeling your way through it on the move. Your status includes your culture, perspectives, and values, and it has the authority to attract or repel your most appropriate resources.


Employee referral program

Your active employees are your most prominent brand ambassadors. An effective referral program is a boundless way of cost-effective recruitment thereby ensuring reflection in worthy hires. A decent referral program should include employees referring candidates through their direct or indirect network but not take this as a cunning opportunity to merely earn incentives.


Make brand ambassadors

Limelight your finest and happiest employees and make them your brand ambassadors. Request your individuals to make their own short videos about why they work for you and why they love working in your organization. Talk about an authentic recruitment strategy.


Online marathons

As per few reports, digital media is an enormous contributor to finding jobs these days. A lot of big companies organize online recruitment campaigns to find good talent and manage their headhunting in the swiftest possible manner.


Give in-depth job descriptions

Recruiting top-notch talent always starts with influencing or attracting the right talent. Here, an effective, engaging, and inclusive job description is key. In addition to the standard role description and skills and experience required, recruiters and recruitment managers must place a weight on values, mission, and standards to avoid making a bad hire.


Data to organize hiring

You can’t handle what you don’t measure. Data-backed recruiting reinforces your approach and assists to build better tactics to influence talent. Whether you use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or not, but the process has to be a structured process and not shelling in the dark. There is a lot of data analysis that can be done to identify how your current tactic is doing and if it needs any improvements.


Brand your employer

Employer branding is a crucial factor that expressively impacts sourcing, recruiting, and retaining candidates. It is all about how your company’s image is being showcased and professed in the outside world. Gone are the days when getting a job was the only crucial thing. Having good employer branding has to be part of your recruiting tactics especially if you want to hire the best and top-notch resources.


Social Media Recruiting tactics

Social media has seen a remarkable change over the decade and the HR Department left untouched by its influence. Social Media can be enormous support in hiring and recruiting particularly passive candidates. As per a few stats, 56% of candidates find social networking more suitable in their job searches. Advertising jobs over social platforms can elevate awareness about the brand and assist in attracting talent appropriate to your requirements.



Always keep in mind that passive candidates aren’t looking for a job. So traditional job postings may not assist you to approach them. The main idea is to influence such passive job seekers via brand positioning tactics so that their interests can be developed during relevant positions open. You are marketing your company as a brand for others to get convinced and buy. Stay ahead in-game with your strategies and you will be effortlessly able to attract the top and best talent available.

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