There is a tremendous amount of pressure on the in-house recruitment arms of companies to search for and recruit the ideal candidates to fill their vacant positions. This is especially true during these trying times as companies want to work with limited resources and be sure they have the best employees on board to handle the work. To address this issue and take some load off the shoulders of the management, more and more companies have started to take the help of recruitment outsourcing in Canada for their recruitment needs.

In the pre-pandemic times, recruiting was mostly a candidate-driven market. But the pandemic, economic uncertainties, and layoffs have transformed the job market, making it more beneficial for employers as now they have access to more qualified candidates for all their job openings.

There was a significant increase in the unemployment rates in April 2020, but in September of the same year, the unemployment rates decreased by almost half. As the rates of unemployment are still on the decrease, there are chances that the market could once again shift to being a candidate-driven one. At the same time, to be able to hire the right person, organizations have to focus on adopting more efficient ways of evaluating the applicants.

It is well-known that bad hiring decisions can be costly for businesses, so it is important to hire the right candidates for the company. The U.S. Department of Labor states that a bad hire can result in a loss of 33% of an employee’s first-year earnings. This can quickly add up and cost businesses tens of thousands of dollars or even more. Bad hires can also have negative effects on customer service, the performance of supervisors, other employees, and managers; in addition to that, a bad hire can also decrease the morale and overall productivity of the company.

Following are some techniques and tips that recruiters can keep in mind to be able to find and hire the perfect candidate.

Clear job description

The first step towards hiring an ideal candidate is generating a clear, realistic, and informative job description. The description must include certain skills, tasks, and attributes required and preferred as a reference point for the hiring managers and recruiters to measure and judge the candidate. Writing, reviewing, and updating the job description make the requirements of the job clearer to all the parties involved in the process of hiring by bringing the image of the perfect candidate into the light.

A detailed job description can increase the quality of applications and enable the candidates to highlight any relevant experiences related to the job. This process also helps recruiters save time and effort in vetting unqualified applicants.

Update company website

Apart from working on the job description, it is important to update the company’s website regularly. This is because various qualified job seekers who are trying to find an organization to work for often look for information available on the company websites. Information such as “About Us”, “Meet the Team”, “Our Company,” etc., can be of great help to job seekers as it provides an insight into the values and culture of the company or organization. Such information can help the candidate decide whether or not they will be the right fit for the job.

To attract top talent, companies should revamp pages and text that relate to workplace culture or team life. Businesses should also update their imagery to reflect the innovative and collaborative working environment in which they operate. Apart from that, the site can also highlight “top workplace” awards and unique benefits for employees. This area is also great to include testimonials from employees or job candidates and verified reviews from various third-party sites.

Candidates will notice any effort to improve employee performance and growth opportunities. This is why these simple changes can have a big impact on attracting the best talent.

Innovative strategies for recruitment

If it gets difficult to fill positions via regular channels, then recruiters can consider opting for alternative strategies. There are some companies that are successful in using AI technology in sifting through applicants’ pools. Another strategy that can be used for recruitment is employee referral. Employee referral is a process wherein an existing employee recommends candidates for a particular job opening. This is an effective way of hiring because the existing employee is aware of the job requirements and will recommend only those eligible for the post.

Campus recruitment is yet another effective technique for hiring ideal candidates. It is possible to connect with available talents in the form of college graduates by hiring them, especially for positions that can mold and shape the perfect candidate from less experienced candidates.

Improved techniques of interviewing

Hiring is not about finding the best interviewee but rather finding the most deserving and qualified applicant. Hiring decisions can be influenced greatly by interviews, whether they are conducted over the phone or in person.

Some types of interviews can be more effective than others for helping a recruiter determine if a candidate is a good fit for the post available. For instance, behavioral interviews can be used to help a hiring manager determine not only if a candidate possesses the necessary knowledge and skills but also how they have been applied in real-life situations.

Measure, revise, and review

Although hiring is an activity that is time-sensitive and of immense pressure, it is of utmost importance to pause now and then and assess the level of success of some of the recent recruiting efforts. You should monitor the key indicators of performance that include the cost to hire, time to hire, retention rate, offer acceptance rate, turnover rate, etc. The exercise of reviewing these key indicators helps in measuring the effectiveness of the current processes of recruiting. It also helps in assessing the success of new improvements and efforts in this process.

The description of “ideal candidate” is bound to differ from organization to organization and from one post to another. A strong economy and low unemployment rates indicate that there will be fierce competition for qualified candidates in the candidate-driven market. That is why it is important for recruiters to adopt effective techniques of hiring. You can also take the help of recruitment outsourcing Brazil to carry out the recruitment process and rein in the most eligible candidates for your firm.