Diversity should be understood as the varied perspectives and approaches to work that member of different identity groups bring within an organization. Unique, important, and competitively relevant knowledge and perspectives to a task—how to design processes, reach goals, frame tasks, create effective teams, communicate ideas, and leads.

Importance of Diversity?

Diversity has the potential to eliminate the inter and intracontinental borders, hence broadening the scope of accessibility for a larger talent pool untapped by the majority of organizations. Women, ethnic groups, LGBTQ+, disabled are few amongst many underrepresented sections of our society that have immense potential which has not yet been fully explored.

According to a report by the Harvard Business Review, companies with greater than 30% female executives were more likely to outperform those with 10%–30% women executives. A similar condition in case of the varied ethnic groups, where companies in the top 25% for ethnic and cultural diversity were found to be 36% more profitable than those in the bottom 25%.

Benefits of Diversity

  • Enhanced productivity:
  • This diversity of talent means that employees have a greater range of talents as well as a diversity of experiences and viewpoints, which boosts the possibility for increased productivity.

  • Enhanced creativity:
  • When people from different cultures and backgrounds bring different viewpoints and solutions to problems, increasing the likelihood of a feasible solution to a workplace problem.

  • Improves cultural awareness:
  • A diverse range of cultures in the workplace enables businesses to deal with the various nuances in a global economy.

  • A positive reputation:
  • Companies with a diverse workforce are frequently seen as better employers. In fact, 67% of job seekers factor in workplace diversity when considering applying to a company.

  • Increases marketing opportunities:
  • Diversity promotes a favorable reputation, raises market awareness, and results in a more diversified client-base

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