With the growing digitization and emergence of path-breaking technologies, the development of software has surpassed the barrier of want and has become the need to stay in the competition for all sorts of industries. In today’s digital world, IT services and software development greatly contribute to help businesses streamline their operations as technological advancements take over corporate tasks. But software development is a technical skill that requires proficiency and not every industry leader possesses that. Thus, the rising need for IT development and rapid digitization has generated a huge demand for IT professionals in all industries. But a matter of concern is employing a skilled workforce for the task.

Since most of the industries require IT services on a temporary or project basis, acquiring a permanent full-time team of professionals becomes an unnecessary burden. A simple solution to this has been outsourcing. In the past decade, the IT outsourcing industry has grown immeasurably and nearly 64% of IT leaders today outsource their entire development process.

However, outsourcing entails more than simply locating a third-party supplier and entrusting them with the development or management of software-related duties. There are a few things to think about initially because outsourcing isn’t solely dependent on cost, so it’s crucial to analyze the right outsourcing partner while looking for a software development company.

There are three models of outsourcing that are acquired by organizations based upon their requirements.


The end-to-end management of a software project is given over to an outsourced firm under the project-based outsourcing model, which will work on the project from start to finish. You and the outsourcing provider must agree on the project’s cost and deadline before it can begin.

It is important to note, however, that the project cost is not determined by the number of working hours or the materials used. The developer has complete control over the project’s planning and execution. Project-based outsourcing shall be chosen in case, the project requirements are clear with a fixed scope of the project to be delivered within a pre-decided deadline.

Dedicated team:

If you need to delegate many tasks to a third-party supplier, hiring a dedicated staff to act as an extension of your primary team is the ideal solution. A team of professionals, including software engineers, designers, and UX specialists, will collaborate in this approach to ensure that your project runs smoothly and successfully.

The cost of a dedicated team is determined by the number of working hours and team members hired. When should you use a dedicated team?
In case of planning for a long-term partnership with the outsourcing provider. Also, if the software requires regular maintenance and update.

Staff Augmentation:

The outsourcing provider constructs the software development team, but you can handle the fundamental processes in staff augmentation. Furthermore, you are the one in charge of delegating the group’s work. On the other side, the supplier monitors productivity as well as employee-related issues such as vacations and remuneration.

The staff augmentation model is ideal as it provides more involvement of the owner within the development process along with creative control over the project.

Factors To Consider When Outsourcing:


According to the Global Software Services Report, 12% of software development projects fail due to a lack of clear goals. Having a detailed specification of the project and what the software does can help you identify your need for hiring a third party. What skills will you require from the outsourced team? Look at the skills of your current team and see what needs to be filled up to complete a project.


The major reason why companies look for outsourcing their resources is to cut down their employee operational costs. According to the Global Outsourcing Survey, this is one of the primary reasons for outsourcing in 59% of companies. Hence, it is important to collate all the requirements and establish an estimate of expense that is suited to carry out the entire outsourcing operation.
Most importantly, the cost of the entire process must not jeopardize the quality of work. After all, your project shouldn’t revolve around the price but about finding a professional with the right skills and expertise.


Choosing the right provider can go a long way in ensuring the success of your software development project. The one-size-fits-all policy doesn’t work when it comes to outsourcing. Important aspects to consider when scouting for a partner company:

    • Their Experience:

This is one of the most important factors to consider when an outsourcing partner is to be selected. Since how long has the provider been in the outsourcing industry? What sort of projects have they managed? This gives an outlook of the vendors’ capability and capacity to conclude a project.

    • Their Clients:

The clients a vendor has been catering to give an idea of their quality of work. An easy way to analyze that is by going through the reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Investing time in search of a trustworthy provider will always help in the longer run.

    • Their Scalability:

Another crucial aspect to consider is the vendors’ threshold to accommodate change and adjust to the needs of the project over time. What if your requirements for the project change? Will they be able to meet the demands of your project quickly? If not, your whole project can be jeopardized. What is their strategy for sudden changes? Consider this when deciding on a provider to outsource for your project.

It’s not easy to select a software development outsourcing company. It entails dangers that could be harmful to your company. When looking for a service for your software development needs, keep these items in mind. Hence, it is always advised to always invest time in selecting the right outsourcing partner as per your requirements.

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We strive to ensure that projects are completed within budget and on time. Our teams will devise and manage relevant staffing solutions with a qualified contingent workforce to complete your projects with a short turnaround time and reduced costs.

The demand for software all across the globe to walk hand in hand with the growing digitization has pushed every industry into the cut-throat competition and IT outsourcing seems the best and most effective way to survive. Now it’s time you make the right choice.