Attracting and retaining top talent is extremely necessary for the success of any business. Nowadays, due to the pandemic, the remote working culture is emerging and growing in today’s day and age. The Covid-19 has completely transformed the corporate landscape into an employees’ market. Thanks to the remote work culture, employees no longer have to accept job offers and relocate to a new city. Now they can join anywhere in the United States while being in another country or city. All they need to do is appear for a Zoom interview from the comfort of their home.

Last year was a bit tough for the talent acquisition teams across the world. The Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions ruined some recruiters, heaped new demands on others, and forced new hiring methodologies as virtual recruitment and onboarding for the remote work positions became a standard for most organizations.

In addition to this, after the pandemic hits the world, people and businesses become too reliant on technologies and IT applications. This increased the demand for supporting staff and professionals in IT companies.

Challenges for Recruiters Coming Out of COVID-19
Potential aspirants now have more liberty & options to switch jobs in a matter of days or weeks. This has become a critical issue for HR managers as they are finding it difficult to retain their skilled employees. These are not the only challenges that recruiters face these days, the list is quite extensive. Some of those issues are covered here.

Remote hiring is here to stay:
With the rise in the number of people engaged in remote work settings, the trend has become popular among millennials, and they seek more of such opportunities. Due to this, organizations need to re-evaluate their work from home policy and decide how they want to proceed in the future. Employees engaged in remote work for a longer duration may find it difficult to adjust to the work-from-office culture if they are called back. This may cause them to start looking for other job opportunities offering remote work. With the increasing popularity of remote work, companies need to adjust and become more open.

Talent Shortage:
In recent times, a record number of people left their job for more competitive offers, but there’s still a shortage of qualified talent in the market. As a result, candidates’ expectations from companies are at an all-time high, and they are willing to wait for a company that meets their expectations rather than taking the first offer that arrives.

Verification Issues:
For talent acquisition teams, virtual interviews and remote hiring procedures are here to stay for years to come. While an in-person interview is advantageous for hiring genuine candidates, recruiters have found it hard to verify their authenticity through a virtual interview process.

Evolving Job Skills:
If recruiters have learned anything during the pandemic era, then it’s adaptability, resiliency, and independent problem-solving skills that have become more significant than ever. According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, adaptability is among the top skills that talent acquisition teams will need in a post-Covid-19 environment. So it is quintessential for them to keep their skills updated.

Changing Enthusiasm to Work Among the Talented Professionals:
Since the beginning of the pandemic, many employees have felt that their relationship with their once-loved jobs has deteriorated due to the changing working culture, and employers didn’t do enough to help. For some people, pre-existing disinterest amplified, while others felt a new level of distaste for their position.

Currently, a lot of workers feel they are not connected with their job, and it can be unnerving to be in a job that they no longer feel passionate about. However, losing interest in a job is a normal reaction to the changing environment due to a pandemic. It doesn’t necessarily mean they need to quit or find some other job that tickles their fancy.

Technological Skills That Are High in Demand in the US
The Covid-19 pandemic has led companies to focus on digitization and automation processes. These days businesses are actively searching for technical skills, such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., in the candidates. In addition, they prefer candidates who have sound knowledge of trending skills and are updated with the latest industry trends. Some of the most sought-after skills employers in the US are seeking include:-

    1. 1. Data Science

Data science denotes tools, scientific methods, processes, and algorithms that can be utilized to extract information and insights from structured and unstructured data.
Nowadays, businesses are collecting more and more data every day. For its deduction, they need professionals skilled in data science. Data science professionals compile, clean, and deliver data for businesses and organizations to make informed decisions.

    1. Programming, Web and App Development

Coding is at the heart of all tech products and digital services. The most popular languages that programming and development positions need include jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, PHP/JavaScript, Code Igniter, Android, JavaScript, and MySQL. Having a portfolio of projects demonstrating coding skills can help validate a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in the eyes of a recruiter and help them find a high-paying job.

    1. Digital Business Analysis

Digital Business Analysis helps companies make an informed decision by providing them with an independent and objective mindset as well as applying various proven analysis techniques. In the current business environment, digital business analysis skill has become one of the most sought skills in an employee. Digital Business Analysts are at the heart of digital transformation projects since they help businesses create an ecosystem of technologies to drive digital transformation and business growth.

    1. AI and Machine Learning

As companies are getting dependent on data science to make data-driven decisions, AI/ML skills will continue to be in high demand. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are actively being used to identify patterns and trends that humans cannot see or process using traditional methods. This is why professionals with experience in data science and statistics are in high demand, and this is only going to increase in the upcoming days.

    1. Digital Project Management

Gone are the days when project management was exclusively needed in tech companies. Today, it is a vital part of developing digital products and services quickly and cost-effectively. As a result, companies are actively looking for candidates with SCRUM and AGILE experience on their CVs. Digital Project Managers must have a comprehensive understanding of how digital products are developed- from ideation to prototype to completely developed digital products or services.


How Can Businesses Address the Rising Demand for Talent?

Businesses around the world are looking forward to modern ways to ensure their work efficiency. Technological advancements have allowed international people to join the business. Such a thing can bring a lot of diversity, innovation, and creativity to the overall processes of a business. A lot of companies are considering hiring employees from a global level since it can positively affect the working culture of the whole company and even bring more value to the company.

This is why having effective talent acquisition teams in the organization is necessary. Employing the right talent in the company will help achieve the desired goals and objectives. But the problem lies with finding, recruiting, and selecting the right talent for the organization. So, businesses can utilize external recruitment agencies to meet their manpower requirements in the post-pandemic era.