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Your Go-to Talent Solutions Partner

We deliver business transformation from start to finish by enabling people and organizations to exceed their potentials through strategic staffing solutions.

On-Demand Access to Talent and Resources

Specializing in On-Shore, Near-Shore & Global Tech Recruitment

We create strategies that help businesses optimize human resources and improve the speed and quality of hire.

Better Technology Efficiency That Supports the Needs of Business

Leveraging agile methodologies to solve complex HR automation issues that help businesses excel.

Customer Collaborations

As your trusted partner, we leverage the latest technologies & tools to ensure our engagements are transparent and instantly traceable from anywhere in the world.

Forward Thinkers

Personalizing Recruitment 

People are at the core of everything we do. We turn ideas into innovative solutions that deliver profitable business outcomes with a unique approach that balances people, processes, and technology. 

We are unique and highly proactive in developing recruitment designs as our teams have in-depth knowledge of the job market, talent pool, and client needs.  

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Offshore, Nearshore, or Onshore

We are a true American company, launched in Toronto and now a global organization. Our presence stretches across 13 global destinations.  

We hire and train the best in the business to serve our global customers and consultants. Making you successful is our #1 goal, whether you are working for us, or getting great talent from us. 

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global services


Empowering Ambitious Businesses

We partner with you and act as your guiding force to see beyond talent and seek more value. we act as a provider, mentor, catalyst, and ally who you can trust to lead you ahead in the competitive world of business    

Our values are radically human and our pillars are built on these values we believe in. Therefore, we grasp every opportunity to deliver a bit extra. 

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value delivery


Closing Potential Talent Gaps

A scientific approach towards talent acquisition ensures that the candidates we recruit for our clients through our global professional network turn out to be the best-fits for their specific job roles. 

We follow a very advanced and result-oriented method which we constantly review and modify according to the trends and changes in the field of talent acquisition. 

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Scientific approach


Your Link To Recruiting Global Talent

Become a Part of the Future

A voyage commenced in 2009, intending to transform human lives by giving them better opportunities and chances to grow, ShoreWise has over 600 completed projects leaving the mark of success across 13 countries. Our foundation is built on trust and values are conveyed through performance. We have 1500+ experts who are chosen from all corners of the world to assure the best delivery of our services. When you choose ShoreWise you become a part of change. You become a part of the future.


A Fast and Professional Human Capital Recruitment

Get highly skilled and experienced talents who can improve the internal processes of your company with unmatched efficiency. ShoreWise delivers end-to-end staffing solutions after understanding your requirement and specifications from our global network of untapped individuals within the talent pool. Hire full-time talent, contractual resources, manage an offshore team, or tech extensive projects, we are fast and professional in what we do for you.


Redefine Success With ShoreWise

We are always one step ahead of creating innovative IT Solutions and staff augmentation space in the business world. We evolve with our clients to offer a better version of ourselves for global business development. We are pleased to contribute comprehensive recruitment services to our customers to achieve projected bottom-line profits on time. Shake hands with us to redefine your business accomplishments.


Achieve Your Business Goals With ShoreWise

Your tomorrow depends on what you strive for today. If you take a moment to observe the speeding and constantly changing world, you will surprisingly realize that ‘chasing your goal’ has a new definition today. It’s not about how hard you try, but how strategically you plan and execute to achieve it. ShoreWise Consultancy helps the futurists to infuse innovation, imagination and cutting-edge developments to chase their business goals. 


Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our clients


Case Study: Delivering a Reliable Contingent Workforce to Our Client

ShoreWise provides a highly-engaging contingent workforce for our client’s project. A leading US professional services client wished to engage a contingent team to service their IT and technological process requirements. They needed efficient employees for their IT project. ShoreWise Contingent Resourcing teams assisted the client to get the right team onboard as per their project requirements.

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Case Study: Choosing th Right Top-level Executive to Drive Business

” When we opened a new dealer center, we needed a highly efficient and experienced Managing Director Operations. We approached ShoreWise and explained our requirements,  but were unsure if they could satisfy us with an ideal candidate in quite a short time frame. But ShoreWise presented us with candidates who could furnish the Managing Director Operations position with extraordinary technical and soft skills. We are thankful to ShoreWise for helping us find the right candidate. ”

— Michael Wallace, HR Manager.

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Case Study: Setting up and Streamlining Nearshore Operations in Canada

A client approached Shorewise to seek assistance with their recruitment process in Canada. We helped them streamline their recruitment process, reduce the efforts of their hiring manager and allowed them to build the perfect team in Canada to expand their business prospects.

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Case Study: Outsourcing Technical and Sales Support to Hanoi

” With ShoreWise’s decades of experience, they incorporated their staffing agencies which have vast networks in Vietnam, to arrange job posting, schedule interviews, and assess and hire the right candidates as per our needs. Besides, they ensured that the candidates as part of the Contract-to-hire were a close match to our company’s business culture so that they could be the best fit. “

 Duong Nguyen, Managing Director.


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Iconic moments in ShoreWise history

  • 2012

    ShoreWise: The Engine Starts 

    In 2012, ShoreWise Consulting is born in Toronto, Canada with one employee and one client.

  • 2013

    Breaking Ground

    ShoreWise acquires its first major client in Canada and grows to 50 employees

    Shore 2013
  • 2014

    The First Lap

    International expansion. ShoreWise opens the doors to its first international office in India and doubles its strength to 120 employees.

    the first lap
  • 2015

    The Major Milestone

    United States Expansion: ShoreWise establishes its operations in the United States and builds its team to 350+ employees.

    The Major milestone
  • 2016

    Gaining Momentum

    Celebrating the 500 Employee Milestone. ShoreWise hires its 500th employee and continues growing at a rapid pace.

    gaining momentum
  • 2017

    The Uprising

    Geographical Diversification. ShoreWise cements its presence in Canada, USA, India, UK, and Germany.

  • 2018

    Crossing Borders

    Mexico Expansion and 1000 Employees Milestone. ShoreWise expands into Mexico and hires its 1000th employee

    nearshore mexico
  • 2019


    Exploring New Markets. ShoreWise expands into LATAM and APAC regions

  • 2020

    Autopilot Mode Achieved

    Sustained Steady Global Reach. ShoreWise continues to expand its global presence with operations in 13 countries and a worldwide workforce of 1800+ employees


Why ShoreWise Consulting?

AI-Driven 24/7 Recruitment

A large network of qualified active and passive candidates

Local language recruiters

Comprehensive candidate vetting

Quality Promise

Expand Your Horizon With ShoreWise


Empowering Excellence 

Being the employer of choice in the dynamic recruiting and workforce solutions industry is our greatest achievement. We accomplish this by hiring and training the best in the business to serve our customers and our consultants. 

endless oppurtunities

Endless Opportunities

Whether you work with us or get great talent from us, ShoreWise strives to be a good partner and a better employer by providing experienced workforce solutions staff to bring efficiency and quality to your operations.


Establishing Mutual Trust

We are built on the pillars of trust and driven by unshakable value of responsibility. Therefore, we guarantee that the services we provide expand the potential of our clients to help them reach their goal successfully. 

quality services

Delivering Quality Service

We have a commitment to bring positive changes in the business world through the services we provide.  We ensure that our clients experience utmost quality of service in every step of their progress with us. 

Connect with ShoreWise


We encourage collaboration, valuation, and diversity. Come join our global team of thought learners and innovators.


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ShoreWise provides staffing services to some of the world’s largest companies. We are present in a number of key strategic locations around the world.

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