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At ShoreWise we pair expert customer service resources with partners and clients to help you grow your business through top customer service, call center, and client support talent. Our customer service professionals can be placed in your company through  permanent, contract, and contract-to-hire solutions to help your business stay flexible and ahead of competition .

Our team of qualified and experienced recruiters is here to help your business achieve success. From customer service management to call center reps, we will help you find the talent you need, when you need it. 

We work every day to ensure consistently high-quality customer service talent and client satisfaction 


Eight Benefits Of Seeking Project-Based Employment

Delivering exceptional talent and value across the BPO sector

Customer Service 

Our customer service resources will serve as the pillars of profitability​ for your business.  Our talented resources will  focuses directly on customer satisfaction and optimizing customer experience with a brand 

Personalized CS Recruitment Solutions

We provide hiring solutions for many positions, including BPO, back office,  Market research, IT and digital.  We locate, interview, and place top talent, providing you with a team you can depend on. 

Market Research

Business growth comes from understanding the market and we help businesses find and acquire the right personnel to conduct market research that provides companies with the right data they need to stay ahead of competition.

Speedy turnaround:

We realize that many customer service is most often an urgent need. Therefore having a vendor that can offer you quick turnaround times for excellent customer service candidates is what you need and what we can help you with.

Detailed service:

As professional customer service recruiters, we create solutions your industries’ needs. Our team knows  exactly what to look for and will tailor the approach to your company needs. 


Qualified Candidates

We find unique solutions for job seekers and companies with open positions. By partnering with the best agencies around the globe, we have a widespread reach, to locate customer service candidates across the job market.

Establishing Organizational Culture with Your Recruitment Agency

Your Most Trusted and Dependable BPO Recruiting Partner

Executive Hiring

At ShoreWise, we help elevate your BPO game by offering you candidates who care. From call center agents and back office professionals, to Marketing and IT personal, we help you find the right candidate you want, when you want it.

Complete Flexibility

We are well-versed in the BPO challenges and can rapidly evaluate your hiring process and environment — from people and process to technology and software to provide  staffing solutions that adapt to seasonal peaks, market conditions and changing business needs.

AI and analytics have become indispensable tools for the modern banking sector. At Shorewise Consulting, we are committed to empowering banks with innovative solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. Whether it's data-driven insights, fraud prevention, customer-centric strategies, or improved operational efficiency, our comprehensive AI and analytics services cater to the diverse needs of the financial industry. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of AI and analytics in the world of banking and achieve sustainable success in this ever-changing landscape.

Are you ready to work with the industry’s best service and support specialists?

We help bridge the gap between talent and opportunity by connecting experienced c level candidates with your business.

Global Resources

At ShoreWise we partner with the best BPO agencies around the globe in Madagascar, Tunisia, and Morocco to bring you the best BPO resources. 

Multi-Lingual Resources  

Part of being a Global sourcing partner, allows us to offer resources in the local languages you prefer. 

Certified Agents

In order to ensure culture fit, all our agents are certified in the required languages and skills before they start working.

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Helping You Find Talent That Delivers Results

Headhunting Services

You can get the best candidates for the senior-most positions in your organization with our niche-specific headhunting services.

Global Talent Acquisition

If you plan to extend your business globally, we can assist you with your global employee recruitment and hiring in new locations.


You can get a holistic hiring solution for your organization at reduced costs and improved scalability, and reduced time to hire.

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