Case Study: Building a Global Enterprise With Superior Recruitment Solutions

Our client, who is a major SaaS enterprise, approached ShoreWise to explore cost-effective global hiring solutions. The client was planning to set up business operations in India and the Middle East. Their primary requirement was to build product development and testing teams in India and business development teams in India, UAE, Qatar, and KSA. With our global network and diverse recruitment solutions, we helped them find, screen, and onboard the right talent across departments within the given timespan.

About The Project

Our client is a FinTech company, developing SaaS products that are used by financial services providers such as hedge funds firms, stock trading companies and investment bankers. As a part of their business expansion project, they have planned to set up sales and support teams across multiple countries in the Middle East and India. They also wished to on-board specific tech skill sets from India to strengthen their product development and testing function.

The Challenge

To gain the cost arbitrage advantage, they wanted to set up the tech team in India. The main challenge was to set up a hierarchy and onboard the first few senior team members who can lead the team-building efforts in India.
Their leadership team is in the USA, and due to travel restrictions, it was difficult for them to assess the profiles effectively. With the limited time at hand and number of profiles to be fulfilled, it was an uphill task that posed the following challenges:
– Highly specialized technical expertise required
– Building confidence among the candidates about the US-based firm and convincing them to explore the opportunity
-Identifying the right talent for business development considering the niche industry that they serve
– Making sure that the positions are filled within the project budget
– Designing of appropriate compensation packages and benefits structure for all employees
– Getting reference checks and due diligence done for the senior profiles
– Establishment of appropriate contract terms and conditions in compliance with the local government and teams

Our Solution

The battle for talent is intense, and digital technologies are disrupting Talent Acquisition like never before. Traditional methods are not able to keep up with the change, and it is becoming increasingly important for them to reshape their recruitment strategy to retain top talent.
When our client got in touch with us, we first tried our best to gain a good understanding of their key requirements. Based on our findings, and with the usage of a host of digital tools and automation services, we strived to transform their entire talent acquisition process. For this purpose, we majorly used our Cognitive technology and RPA that reduces human intervention and improves efficiency.  These technologies allow the creation of diverse job boards and facilitate the collection of resumes on the cloud with just a couple of clicks. The ShoreWise team largely used Chatbots and RPA technology for:
– Candidate pre-screening
– Interview Scheduling
– Candidate Assessment

The Outcome

Our technology-backed recruitment process and planned hiring strategy enabled our client to build a suitably qualified, skilled and efficient team with ease.  They were able to on-board the perfect talent across departments within the needed deadline without facing any hassle.

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