Case Study: Assembling Teams With our Headhunting Experts

ShoreWise is committed to procuring a reliable and cohesive workforce for all our clients.

Our client planned to recruit a team of employees for their business process in the organization at ABC. They approached ShoreWise to assist them with Recruitment and Headhunting services. We at ShoreWise helped them with comprehensive services, including consultation, recruitment and hiring employees to get an efficient team ready.

About The Client

Our client is a staffing firm based in New Jersey serving hospitals and health care organizations. As part of their service expansion project, their team of recruiters are dedicated to bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and the open positions in the industry.

The Challenge

Our client expanded their team for the ABC process to run the operations. They just had a short time of a month to get started with the new process extension. The client was faced with the following issues:

– Get their new team running in a month.
– Getting the right number and the right candidates for the team.
– Securing candidates both entry-level and executive-level positions
– Get the candidate interview conducted without hassles.
– Get the newly recruited candidates onboard.

Our Solution

We at ShoreWise helped them build an effective recruitment operation, and helped them identify opportunities. We helped them with a recruiting solution that would address an increasing number of client requirements as well as their seasonal hiring needs. We took up the service without the risk of overcommitting to internal hiring. 

When our client approached us to help them with recruitment, we had a detailed discussion about the client’s needs to get an idea about the type of candidates and the qualities they were looking for. We gathered information about the candidate requirements, job profiles, company culture and job expectations before starting our services. We agreed on the terms of the contract, the headcount per process, the skills needed as per the client’s needs, and other terms and conditions of employment.

We carefully assessed the client’s recruitment and hiring needs before our Headhunting and Recruitment teams embarked on a full-scale recruitment journey.  We started with detailed job postings on various popular job platforms. Our recruitment experts used comprehensive data analysis to sort out the right candidate resumes and send out interview call letters to appropriate candidates. 

Our recruitment teams interviewed 200 candidates over a 15 day period to make the final selections across a variety of healthcare positions. With the complete details of the process requirement outlined, we successfully made the necessary hires within the prescribed time period. 

The Outcome

Shorewise Recruitment and Headhunting Services team partnered with the client to offer quality recruitment for various open positions. We helped onboard employees for entry-level, mid-level, as well as senior-level positions. 

Our expert recruitment teams assisted our client in covering their employment needs with our decades of experience. We also used the guidance provided by the client’s internal systems, thereby making the recruitment process more efficient. We made use of our vast available network for job postings, interviews, and hiring and onboarding the right candidates for both entry-level and executive positions. 

Our client managed to hire their complete team over the stipulated period with the right candidates on board.  With our services, the client has managed to scale their business process considerably within a month and started with the services.

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