Case Study: Delivering Expertise, Flexibility & Scalability through Nearshoring

At a time when businesses are having to move, scale and adapt faster than ever, ShoreWise helped a leading US-based financial services enterprise accelerate its digital transformation initiatives and fuel business growth by building an impactful talent strategy and mobilizing highly experienced agile teams in Mexico through tailored nearshoring solutions.

At a glance

The client was USA’s top and one of the oldest financial services enterprises that have customers across the world with over 5000 employees and a global presence. ShoreWise partnered with the organization to help them gain momentum in their transformation journey by augmenting and optimizing their workforce through our unique and cost-effective talent solutions. We enabled them to gain access to niche resources, experienced in diverse technologies from the global talent hub- Mexico, to scale their operations, delivering low-cost and high-quality services.

The Challenge

With a rapidly evolving and competitive business landscape, coupled with shifting market dynamics, the client wanted to evolve into a digital enterprise and reimagine its business and delivery models. They wanted to focus on the transformation of key areas like the development of digital offerings and solutions, legacy modernization, and enhancing customer experience to gain a competitive advantage and boost revenues.

But they were grappling with a shrinking tech talent pool and the global pandemic accelerated this talent crunch by a significant degree. The enterprise was struggling to find local IT talent that had the right experience and expertise in niche technologies. The rising operational costs in the US, lack of budget for additional investment in infrastructure to accommodate larger teams and the lack of in-house capabilities were already overwhelming and were overstepping their innovation budget.

Our Solution

ShoreWise, having mastered the approaches to build a resilient yet fluid workforce through a mix of people, processes, and technology shaped around client needs, stepped in to understand the talent gaps and offer the organization the right talent strategy to create a lasting impact. Bringing clarity to complexity, we analyzed and assessed the organization’s unique staffing needs and provided them with a tailored and scalable staffing solution to get access to top IT talent in Mexico with the right domain experience through nearshoring. 

With our unmatched talent network in Mexico, they were able to quickly gain access to 3 agile teams (Scaled Agile Framework) that constituted experienced IT resources that were well trained and had the domain expertise and aligned well with the values and culture of the organization. ShoreWise, providing significant software development capabilities using a range of technologies, helped them drastically reduce their overheads, increase their scalability and ensure their successful transformation. We helped them find the right resources in Mexico that seamlessly integrated with the internal teams, improving their communication and collaboration, and ensuring complete project success.

The Outcome

The geographic proximity of Mexico offered similar time zones that made it convenient for the client to work simultaneously with nearshore teams. It also allowed the company to have increased communication, allowing more complex projects to be carried out efficiently. Moreover, the nearshore locations offered a closer cultural affinity to the primary markets.

  • The experienced Java resources enabled the client to accelerate their legacy modernization, helping in porting mainframe code, with minimal risk and complete success.
  • With seamless integration of the teams, there was improved communication and collaboration. The nearshore team worked as a complete extension of the organization and the internal team.
  • The client was able to reduce costs to the tune of 40-45%, without compromising the productivity or quality of delivery.
  • The organization was able to expand its operations rapidly and cost-effectively, and nearshoring ensured better business resilience and flexibility.

ShoreWise enabled the client to navigate their digital transformation journey successfully by delivering expertise, flexibility, and scalability through our talent advisory and talent acquisition solutions, and is today their trusted staffing partner, continuing to help them tackle their workforce challenges

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