Case Study: Executive Hiring Done Right

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A leading advertising agency in Mumbai wanted to hire proficient executives for their organization. They were in search of the right executive team to give proper direction to the company’s goals, lead operations, and achieve the established business targets. ShoreWise Executive Hiring team assisted the client to hire the appropriate executives as per their company requirements.

About The Project

Our client is a global advertising agency with headquarters in Mumbai. They needed to hire a top-performing team of senior managers that could lead a team of more than 100 professionals in different departments. They wanted candidates that were self-motivated and could make the right decisions in the best interests of the company.

The Challenge

The company had been in the advertising business for years, and their current managers had been handling two of their marketing departments efficiently. However, unforeseen circumstances made their managers quit their jobs so that those positions were lying vacant.
The client was not able to find the right candidate even after many attempts and a retained executive search. Moreover, the delay in bringing the required leadership onboard was crippling the performance of their business.
They needed reliable candidates onboard for the leadership positions in one month along with customized compensation and benefits structure.

Our Solution

Our ShoreWise Executive Hiring team helped the client with their Executive search as per their business requirements. The client wanted the entire process for the Executive search to be confidential. Our fully dedicated consultants demonstrated outstanding market knowledge and began their comprehensive search at the executive level. We even consulted with the client in-depth to gather key insights into the type of executives required.
Our Executive Hiring team gained a solid understanding of the role and its context. They conducted deep research in one month to surface candidates that our client could not find earlier. We provided metrics for all of our executive search candidates and provided a mechanism to track their performance for up to 2 months after hire. We successfully assisted the client with finding and hiring suitable executive-level candidates in the stipulated time period.

The Outcome

We at ShoreWise assisted our client to come up with the right and experienced candidates for their organization’s executive positions. We made the selections in exact accordance with the client’s needs and business requirements. Our expert Executive Hiring teams utilized their years of industry experience to come up with the best hire outcomes for their Executives.
Our client succeeded in hiring the right executives with our assistance on time. They were able to resume operations on time. The whole selection process resulted in getting the right candidates that were capable enough to help the company achieve the targeted business results.

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