Case Study: Delivering Reliable Contingent Workforce to our client

ShoreWise provides a highly-engaging contingent workforce for our clients project.

Our leading US professional services client wished to engage a contingent team to service their IT and technological process requirements. They needed efficient employees for their IT project. ShoreWise Contingent Resourcing teams assisted the client to get the right team onboard as per their project requirements.

About The Client

Our client is a leading professional service provider. Their portfolio included diverse services like software design and delivery, cloud services, firewall, and cybersecurity services. They required a contingent workforce for a new design project.

The Challenge

Their earlier model for contingent workforce talent was based on sourcing contingent talent internally through their HR teams, which led to time delays.
This organization sought a practical solution where they could focus on sourcing ‘top-notch and quality’ talent. They emphasized the need for engagement of independent contractors that were separate from the management.
– Our client needed a reliable workforce onboard in 15 days to get started with a new project. They had to face the following challenges:
– Get their new team on board in 15 days.
– Getting adequately qualified candidates
– Get the candidate interview and onboarding conducted without hassles.
– Development of a standardized contract for work

Our Solution

Our ShoreWise Contingent Recruitment team helped the client address their number of requirements. We implemented a Contingent Management solution and assisted with an online management portal that was custom-built around their needs. This software was tailored to support the client with their needs for requisition. It also arranged for the approval, recruitment and onboarding of the contingent workforce and their management process.
We also provided a communication model where all members of the contingent were fully aware of the job requirements and expectations. Our members of the contingent were well-trained and qualified in the latest software technologies and had adequate information about the project.
ShoreWise Contingent teams made a thorough analysis of the project requirements and accordingly sorted out appropriate candidates through a comprehensive selection process. Throughout the process, we kept in mind the related project costs, tenure and the efficiency of the contingent base.
We successfully assisted the client with the necessary contingent teams within the prescribed time period.

The Outcome

Shorewise Contingent Team Provider Services team partnered with the client to provide a reliable and productive solution for Contingent recruitment. Our expert teams utilized their years of industry experience to find and recruit the members for the project.
We succeeded in providing improved reporting across spend, KPIs, and contingent workers’ trend data. We also ensured effective monitoring of the contingent talent pool.  Our client managed to hire their contingent teams on time without compromising on the quality or the skill set with our services. It resulted in higher performance and output and also provided improved engagement levels for the contingent teams.

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