Case Study: Establishing Offshore Process in India For US-based IT Company

ShoreWise helps one of the leading IT companies in the US set up a tech department for Asian markets out of India.
An IT company based in San Francisco had launched operations in the Asian market a quarter ago but were facing challenges with tech related work. To streamline things, they wanted to set up a specialized tech department in Bangalore, India. They needed a team of 8 IT professionals with varying expertise in some of the leading technologies.  We at ShoreWise helped the client find the right mix of candidates of various seniority levels.

About The Project

Our client was an award-winning IT service and consultancy firm based in San Francisco. With a proven track record of delivering successful solutions for organizations throughout the U.S., they were recently recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Riding on this success, they have launched operations in the Asian markets and wanted to set up a strong tech team to support them for all the projects in Asia.

The Challenge

Since starting operations in the overseas market, the client was receiving a lot of business opportunities and even start work with a few of them. However, due to different time zones, communication and rapport between their clients and the tech team was not as efficient as they had hoped for due to limited interactions. Moreover, the client also wanted to improve the final output by bringing in people who understand the user behavior and culture of the Asian markets.

Our Solution

Our experts got to action and set up the first interaction with the client to understand the requirement in detail and get an in-depth understanding of their processes and work culture. 
As the next steps, we did an extensive search to identify and approach the right candidates who match the client’s expectations. Our team even had multiple calls with the candidates to understand what they can bring to the table and become a value add for the client.
It was followed by a comprehensive screening of 15 potential candidates. We presented the client with a list of the shortlisted candidates after our thorough assessment and we began the process of interviews for the candidates. Over the next 5 weeks, the client was able to finalize the list of new employees and officially start their operations in India. 

The Outcome

ShoreWise Hiring team extended its full support and assistance to the client to find the right candidates as per their requirements. By using comprehensive data analysis and in-depth research, our hiring team made the selections in accordance with the client’s business requirements and finalized the candidates.
In two months’ time, the client had established its presence in India with a set of professionals who tick all the boxes in their list.  We not only provided the client with personalized service but also stayed committed to their purpose of only finding and working with the best. 

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