Case Study: Managing the Entire Recruitment Cycle and Supplementing IT Efforts

The ShoreWise team was approached by a client to manage their entire recruitment cycle. In addition to making sure that the client company was able to competently hire adequately skilled workers, ShoreWise also supported their IT efforts and helped them complete their project in time. Finding the right IT personnel can be a huge hassle in the contemporary environment. But the specialized experience and knowledge of ShoreWise can make the process a lot easier and smoother.

About The Project

A client needed to hire qualified candidates having certain pre-requisite skills for their latest IT project. They also required a partner who could outline a strategic plan for the project, manage the supporting team, and make sure that it is completed within the prescribed timeline. Contingent talent is becoming increasingly difficult to find, and the most critical skills are becoming more expensive than ever. Hence, the client required support for their recruitment cycle to make sure that the perfect candidates could be hired, without going over the budget.

The Challenge

In the contemporary business environment, the popularity of contingent has rapidly increased across all sectors, especially IT. Due to this surge in demand, and the limited supply of well-qualified IT candidates willing to work on temporary projects, firing the perfect ones for their job had become a huge headache for our client.  Their key pain points included:
1. Identifying the local resources: The client needed to secure local resources that can assist them in collaborating with offshore development teams and providing the needed IT expertise.
2. Use of innovative technologies: They struggled to identify and hire qualified professionals to build their local business model with the technical talent that can help the workforce team to work remotely while remaining as agile as possible throughout the project.
3. Develop a robust strategy: They required a proper strategy in place that would allow them to effectively conceptualize the digital, technical, and operational requirements of their project, and make sure that it is completed within the deadline.

Our Solution

When the client contacted us with their problem, we firstly had a thorough discussion with them to gain a better understanding of their key requirements and concern areas. Based on that, we formulated a plan to effectively manage their recruitment cycle, as well as provide support for their application process.  We provided them with the benefit of end-to-end management of the contingent workforce, right from the recruitment process to strategic workforce planning. The Shorewise team made sure that all the workers hired for the project were working as per their best capacity, and delivered the  desirable outcomes.  

We helped the client build a workforce having strong leadership, high caliber resources, and the right mix of skills and experience. In addition to this,  by leveraging our high-end technical knowledge, we also supplied extensive expertise in IT to complete an ongoing project on time, and assisted them to reduce the application development cost by creating a process for hassle-free transfer of knowledge to avoid any loss of data.

The Outcome

The client was able to secure an adequately qualified team for their project, streamlined their work processes and subsequently completed the needed tasks-in-hand without a hassle.  They managed to get their project completed in time, without wasting any extra resources or additional financial burden.

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