Case Study: Providing Technical and Sales Support to Hanoi

ShoreWise fulfills its client’s comprehensive recruitment needs and procures an upstanding workforce

Our client approached ShoreWise to assist with Contract to Hire services in Hanoi as part of their IT Maintenance and Support Business Process Outsourcing plan. We helped them with a comprehensive consultation, recruitment and employment strategy and plan of action to get the best workforce and business outcomes.

About The Project

Our client is a global electronics company headquartered in the USA that designs and develops a range of computer-related products. As part of their business expansion project, they have planned to set up a base in Vietnam. They have plans to outsource their Technical Support & Sales Support to Hanoi, Vietnam, to take full advantage of the skillset and low labor costs in Vietnam.

The Challenge

As part of their business expansion plan, our client was required to run the operations in Hanoi. The main challenge was to maintain a presence within Vietnam and expand at a local level.  Hiring employees in Vietnam came up as a significant challenge where all employees had to be employed from within the country. The client was faced with the following issues:
– Get the right candidate for a particular role.  
– Designing of appropriate compensation and benefits structure for all employees 
– Establishment of appropriate contract terms and conditions in compliance with the laws of the land, 
– Allocation of budget for workforce operations, and 
– Ensuring low employee turnover in a non-native country of operation

OUR Solution

In the last two decades, Vietnam has shown a massive transition from a centrally planned economy to a market-based economy. The Vietnamese Government has gradually paved the way for legal reforms to welcome business investment in the country as well as business outsourcing. We at ShoreWise aim at assisting our clients in outsourcing their business processes to Vietnam. We focus on extending our services in compliance with the existing labor and finance laws rather than arbitrary bureaucrat control.

When the client approached us for Contract to Hire solutions in Vietnam, we took this as an opportunity to extend our best foot forward. We set up a comprehensive consultation with the client to get an idea about their range of expansion. Our client made it clear that they were looking for business results in financial terms and wanted to add a social dimension.

They wanted their business process extension to provide employment to interested people in Hanoi as well as create ample growth opportunities. With the client’s business needs carefully assessed, our Contract to Hire teams in Hanoi embarked on a full-scale recruitment journey.  We decided on a 12-month contract to hire employees as part of their Technical and Sales Support processes.  

We agreed on the terms of the contract, the headcount per process, the skills needed as per the client needs, and other terms and conditions of employment. We even sat with our client to decide the salary and benefits structure, the leave management plan, and the terms of employment and termination. With the complete details of the process requirement outlined, it became easier for both parties to streamline the recruitment process for the contract to hires.

The Outcome

Our expert Contract-to-Hire recruitment teams assisted our client in covering their employment needs in Hanoi. With our decades of experience, our staffing agencies made use of their vast network in Vietnam to arrange for job posting, schedule interviews, and assess and hire the right candidates as per the client’s needs. We made sure that the candidates as part of the Contract to hire were a close match to the client company’s business culture so that they could be the best fit. 

Our client managed to hire their complete team of workers over a period of 4 weeks without compromising on quality, efficiency and productivity of the workforce. At the same time, we ensured the terms of the work contract were transparent to the employees and in complete accordance with the laws of the land. This helped avoid any ambiguity and confusion related to the employment.

Throughout the process, we have maintained the uniqueness of our client’s requirements to help them with the best business outcomes. 

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