Case Study: Setting up and Streamlining Nearshore Operations in Canada

A client approached Shorewise to seek assistance with their recruitment process in Canada. We helped them streamline their recruitment process, reduce the efforts of their hiring manager and allowed them to build the perfect team in Canada to expand their business prospects.

About The Project

Our client  is based in the United States.  As an initiative to reach new markets and expand their business, they planned to set up their operations in Canada. For this, they required a team of skilled, talented and knowledgeable Canada based candidates who would be the perfect addition to their company and have the capability to handle the operations in the country.

The Challenge

The client  had a traditional approach to hiring candidates. They used to post their requirements on job listing websites and get a flood of resumes. Unfortunately, only a handful of candidates among them fitted the criteria they desired. Their hiring manager had to sit through more than 50 resumes trying to find at least a few who would be orderly qualified and right for the job. This made the hiring process extremely long-drawn and highly cumbersome for the hiring manager.  The traditional hiring process followed by the client resulted in a huge wastage of resources, energy and time for them.

Our Solution

We at Shorewise specialize in helping companies to efficiently set up teams for remote development and support in Canada in the shortest time possible. We take care of the administration, procurement, managed support and the HR services involved in the process on their behalf. So when Code Force approached us, we tried our best to formulate a plan that helped them to build a robust, properly qualified team in Canada in the most cost-effective and swift manner.

We firstly had a discussion with the client to gain a proper understanding of their business requirement and related concerns. By taking their inputs into consideration, we created a plan of action to identify and hire the right team for their company. To streamline the whole recruitment process, we made use of a host of modern technologies and proven techniques.  Our nearshore development team in Canada especially planned for local recruitment drives and used their specialized insights to scour for the most qualified candidates.  

The Outcome

With our structured, cutting-edge recruitment solutions, the hiring manager at our clients organization got much-needed relief and was able to make his tasks more focused.  Equipped with our decades of experience and local Canadian contacts, we were able to competently arrange for job posting, schedule interviews, and assess and hire the right candidates according to the requirements of the clients without a hassle, and at much superior speed than the traditional hiring approach.

Our client managed to hire all the workers they needed to set up their operations in Canada soon enough through us, without compromising on their productivity or qualification levels.  By having the perfect team in the country, the company was confident in its chances of increasing its business prospects in Canada.

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