Case Study: Sourcing a top-level executive to drive growth

An automotive company in Canada had opened a new dealer center in Quebec and was in need of a Managing Director Operations. They wanted an appropriate candidate for the Managing Director position within the prescribed time limit of two months to take charge of operations at the new center. We at ShoreWise helped the client get the right candidate for their role to drive their business in the appropriate direction.

About The Project

Our client was a renowned automotive company based in Toronto. Their business dealt with the purchase, sale and resale of automobiles in varying ranges across several cities nationwide. They had expanded business in Quebec and needed to hire a Managing Director Operations to take charge of the center operations. The company was in search of a candidate who could take independent charge of the newly opened automotive center and drive business there.

The Challenge

Our client had been in the automotive business for years and had a chain of showrooms and dealer centers in several major cities all over the country. They had expanded the business by opening a new dealer center in Quebec for which they needed a highly efficient and experienced Managing Director. The client was not able to find the right candidate even after several attempts internally as well as through an external agency.
They were in search of the appropriate Head of Operations and wanted the candidate on board in a short period of 2-3 months.

Our Solution

Shorewise C-level Hiring team had a kick-off with the client where we sat together to set the agenda for the search and status of the process. We came to an in-depth understanding of the company’s work culture and main challenges to get detailed knowledge of the management position and its context.
Our C-Level Hiring teams had industry experts that had a successful track record of attracting the best talent for an organization’s C-Suite. Our consultants conducted a comprehensive search to identify and approach the right candidate. 
After extensive screening, we identified and screened three potential candidates. We presented the client with our list of candidates after a thorough assessment of their technical and soft skills. We even assisted the client in the final process of selection of the final candidate within the stipulated time frame given by the client.

The Outcome

Shorewise C-level Hiring team extended its full support and assistance to the client to find the right candidates for their Managing Director Operations. Our hiring team made the selections in accordance with the client’s business requirements. We made use of comprehensive data analysis and in-depth research to make the selection of the final candidate.
Our client succeeded in hiring their Managing Director of Operations on time and started operating from their new center with our services. We provided the client with personalized service. Our hiring and recruitment consultants stayed committed to their purpose of finding an appropriate candidate for the client. Our partnership resulted in the successful hire corresponding to our client’s expectations.

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