Case Study: Tapping into a highly-skilled labor workforce in India

Our client contacted Shorewise to provide them with assistance in filling certain extremely difficult requisition positions in the technology sector. With our tech-driven solution, we helped them to hire highly competent candidates for those positions, while also considerably reducing the cost per hire faced by them. 

About The Project

Our client is a company that works with discerning set of clients and provides them with specialized IT staffing services.  However, they had a lot of open requisitions for some very tough to fill positions in India, the domain for many long-term clients.  They were trying to find a more robust and effective way to identify competent workers who could manage crucial projects, without spending too many resources or time. 

The Challenge

Some of our clients oldest clients needed a number of skilled IT workers. While the company had successfully filled such positions before, this time, they were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of employees needed. The IT field is increasing more rapidly than the number of qualified developers, making it extremely difficult to find good candidates in larger numbers for positions requiring specialized skills or qualifications. Trying to find so many candidates additionally was proving to be too costly for them. The recruitment process is not an easy task, and it involves a good sum of time, money, and effort investment. Due to the large number of positions to be filled, the investment needed to be made by the client proved to be greater than they were willing to spend. 

Our Solution

The number of IT graduates in India are increasing at a rapid pace. It has been among the most popular fields of studies when it comes to higher education here for several years now. Hence, there is no dearth of qualified and competent IT employees in India.  Hence, when the client came to us with the project, we tried to tap into the local market of India to identify the ideal workers, while spending much lesser labor expenses. 

We firstly had a thorough discussion with the clients team, and tried to carefully understand their needs. Based on that, we developed customized offshore solutions for their concerns. We managed to set up a dedicated development center in India on the same lines as their in-house center, and provided them with full support for their offshore IT staffing requirements.

We additionally assigned a couple of senior-level recruiters with great communication skills, and who were able to deliver excellent results by working remotely from India. They had a good insight about the local culture and recruitment market, and hence were highly successful in sourcing workers in a volume desired by them. 

The Outcome

With ShoreWise Offshore India Services, our client managed to find qualified and skilled candidates as per the demands of their clients. The company managed to effectively meet their client’s needs without having to spend a high sum of money in the recruitment process. 

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