Shorewise Guidewire Solutions: Elevating Your Insurance Success

Welcome to Shorewise’s Guidewire Solutions page, the nexus where innovation seamlessly blends with our unparalleled expertise to empower your insurance operations with cutting-edge technology. Beyond being mere software, Guidewire represents a pivotal portal to optimized processes, unparalleled customer experiences, and a forward-looking strategy. At Shorewise, we stand as your trusted collaborator, ready to navigate alongside you through a transformative journey that revolutionizes the very essence of insurance operations.

Guidewire is the cornerstone of our mission to elevate your industry standing. We understand that modern insurance necessitates more than just adaptation – it requires a reimagining of practices. With Shorewise as your compass, you’ll chart a course towards operational excellence and customer-centricity, guided by the prowess of Guidewire solutions. Let us embark on this voyage together, as we reshape the trajectory of your insurance enterprise and define new standards of excellence.

Unleashing the Guidewire Advantage

Policy Administration

Effortlessly navigate the intricacies of policy management with Shorewise’s Guidewire solutions at your side. From the inception of policies to their seamless renewal, our innovative approach ensures a harmonious process that maximizes efficiency and minimizes complexity. By streamlining every stage of policy administration, we empower you to dedicate more resources to strategic growth initiatives while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction through a seamless policy experience.

Claims Management

Experience a paradigm shift in claims management with Shorewise’s Guidewire expertise driving the way. Our solutions propel claims processing to new heights, enabling you to accelerate settlements, reduce operational overhead, and maintain an unwavering commitment to transparency. By leveraging the power of Guidewire technology, we provide you with the tools to enhance decision-making, streamline workflows, and deliver a seamless claims journey that fosters trust and satisfaction among policyholders.

Billing and Payments

Shorewise’s Guidewire solutions revolutionize the realm of billing and payments, making complexities a thing of the past. By seamlessly integrating Guidewire technology, we enable you to simplify billing processes, offer flexible payment options, and ensure accurate reconciliation. The result is a customer-centric approach that enhances convenience, optimizes operational efficiency, and cultivates lasting relationships with policyholders, positioning your organization as a beacon of convenience and reliability.

ShoreWise, a global Insurance Technology consulting leader, accelerates your digital journey. Our certified Guidewire experts craft transformative roadmaps, aligning business goals with cutting-edge solutions. Seamlessly implement Guidewire, lower costs, and elevate growth with ShoreWise’s expertise.


Our Guidewire Service Offerings

Guidewire Consulting

Our distinctive and specialized advisory and consulting services will enable P&C insurers to unlock the potential of Guidewire to transform businesses while making operations cost-efficient and leaner. From developing a complete roadmap to end-to-end testing to post-implementation support to Guidewire experts, we guide P&C insurers in their digital transformation journey and to respond rapidly to market disruptions, with our vast expertise, deep industry knowledge, and technological insights.

Guidewire Implementation

Top global P&C insurers have successfully leveraged our Guidewire capabilities for our deep expertise in Guidewire implementation, configuration, and integration services. Guaranteeing higher and unbeatable operational cost savings through our simple, scalable, and risk-free implementation services, we stringently follow best practices and world-class methodologies to accelerate the time-to-market for the insurance products of P&C players across the globe.

Guidewire Testing

With us, you can validate all your Guidewire applications. We provide insurers Guidewire testing solutions needed to deliver innovations through custom development. We can help you expand your testing capabilities to include comprehensive test data management, control over your test environment, and expanded test coverage. We have built several accelerators across the testing phase for the Guidewire Platform and our robust end-to-end testing services deliver cyclical test automation. 

Guidewire Support

For P&C insurers to get the most out of their Guidewire investments, it is essential to have highly optimized Guidewire support solutions. At ShoreWise, we adhere to a global support model to provide our clients with best-in-class, continuous and cost-effective services to transform their Guidewire applications. We have a vast team of insurance technology experts, well versed in the Guidewire platform, to provide insurers across the world, extensive, reliable, and hassle-free Guidewire support.

Guidewire Expertise

Our experienced team can help  you navigate your end to end Guidewire journey. Our teams are proficient with in-depth knowledge in the diverse areas of Guidewire that can help in achieving lower costs, as compared to a large System Integrators and offer 24/7 client support. With a Centre of Excellence being set up in Canada, we have close to 100 certified and highly skilled world-class veteran Guidewire professionals on our payroll, available to support clients on projects across the globe in various time zones.   

Managed Services

From upgrading the application database to implementing the screen configuration to building the Guidewire part of other applications, we offer insurers everything that lies in between with our unique Guidewire Managed Services. We are a one-stop-shop managed services provider for all Guidewire and supporting products. We can help to enhance the core insurance suite of P&C insurers by empowering analytics, deployment, integration, quality, and support. We cover all your Guidewire needs!

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