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Human Resource Revolution – Building A Workforce for the Future

A robust approach to HR automation

We believe in strategic human resource management that identifies the best uses of human talent for the long term. That is why when you partner with us for the digital transformation of your HR functions, we focus on delivering you a comprehensive automation experience.
With us, you can get HR automation technology that can automate your recurring human resource processes based on cutting-edge technologies and cognitive computing. You will get streamlined document-heavy tasks, without compromising the work quality, and in a reduced time span.

Reinvent your HR process to accelerate and streamline your human resource strategy goals

Enhanced Efficiency

Our automated HR functions help convert repetitive and document-heavy tasks into digitized procedures, which relieve the HR employees of mundane tasks and focus on strategic decision-making and planning.

Engaged Workforce

You can increase the efficiency of your HR processes like screening, hiring, and training of employees. You get a much-engaged workforce that helps drive the company’s business goals with less employee turnover.

Cost-Effective Model

Our HR automation services can go a long way in reducing your business costs of paper printing and physical storage with convenient access to your data files online. 

Simplify and accelerate your human resource functions with our comprehensive packages

Employee Onboarding

We can help you automate your onboarding services like job posting, collecting resumes, interviewing and giving network access to new employees. You can benefit from an accelerated automated onboarding process with reduced associated costs. 

Employee Offboarding

We can help you automate your exit interview process along with automated functions for collecting resignation or termination letters, return and audits of company equipment, and dissociating the employees from the company roster and payrolls.

Payroll Management

You can automate your payroll processing for faster and better results. We can help you automate your invoicing, reporting, and calculations pertaining to overtime, taxes, deductions, bonuses, or any other variable pay components. 

Timecard Management

You can simplify your employee timesheet processing with our automated services. With our automated services, your payroll processing also becomes quick and concise due to considerably reduced time tracking errors and discrepancies.

Employee Benefits

You get an easier and more efficient way to compute and process your employees’ benefits that keep changing due to open enrollment or life-changing events. You get to automate features like benefit eligibility, benefit onboarding, benefit education and training.

Tax Filing

Our cloud-based services can help you automate your organization’s tax filing process. You can automate payroll taxes in compliance with the laws and improve computational efficiency. We promise you no more dues or hassles of human errors.

Leave Requests

You can get an automated employee leave management system that tracks, approves, and monitors employee leaves. Our automated services can help you automatically update employee leave records and in real-time so that employees and their can track the leave history.

Expense Claims

We can help you with automated expense claim management for your employees that is more efficient, faster, and less prone to accounting errors. It gives you visibility and track employee use of business financial resources and analyzes overall expenses to identifies cost-saving opportunities.

Recruitment Search

You can streamline your recruiting process with our automated services that utilize AI algorithms to review and screen candidates. This enables you to engage the best talent, from anywhere in the globe, in minimum time and with reduced efforts.

Case Studies

Providing Technical and Sales Support to Hanoi

ShoreWise helped in designing an appropriate compensation and benefits structure for employees

Efficient Procurement of Contractual Resources 

Helping our clients recruit contract workers tailored specifically to their business requirements.

Sourcing a Top-Level Executive to Drive Growth

Our client succeeded in hiring the right executives with our assistance and resume operations in time.

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Explore Staffing Solutions That Propel Your Business

HR Process Design

We help you reinvent your HR functions based on a dynamic operating model with innovative technologies and employee-centric designs.

Compliance Audits

You can evaluate how your organization follows the rules and regulations, external laws, internal guidelines, and various policies and procedures.

Global Talent Acquisition

We can help you with the right human resource at the right time with our simplified yet robust international hiring process.

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