Manage Your Global Workforce With Our Employer of Record Solutions

Our employer of record solutions helps you access new markets and get better benefits rates for your global workforce. With us, you can discover a simplified yet efficient way to manage your international hires.

Join Forces With Us and Build Your International Teams

Scale Your Business Rapidly With Our Employer-of-Record Solutions



Assemble Your International Workforce

We at ShoreWise can help you by offering assistance for complete administration and liability of your employment arrangements. We will take the legal responsibilities of employing your employees.

You can get a tailored approach for your global workforce management and support, upon engagement with our global network, without any risks of violating local employment laws.

You will see an immediate change in a number of key areas such as HR operations, payroll management, employee benefits, and most importantly, reduced local and international compliance issues.


Navigate Through Local Regulations Smoothly 

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals that help you extend and manage your global mobility assignments. You can efficiently engage with your overseas workers in a new country without setting up a local entity.

We can help your organization manage the statutory compliances related to your global workforce with our extensive knowledge of international corporate and labor laws.

Our team of experts have been effortlessly navigating local regulations and complying with a number of complex and tedious regulations for many years allowing you to focus more resources on growing your business.

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Reduce Your Taxation Complexity

We also assist you in executive taxation, which is a critical area that requires adequate planning. You can get the best services from our tax advisors that will reduce the complexities involved in HR functions.

You can have extended access to overseas markets and can pay your employees internationally in a much-simplified manner.

By making us your Employer of Record, you get to streamline and simplify your tax procedures. ShoreWise takes care of your global HR services in a way that meets your expectations. 

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Outbound Assignments

We help you design and review global assignment policies and advice on cross-border tax issues and compliance requirements.

visa & immigration

Immigration & Visa

We offer support for your concerns related to documentation for international work permits and residence permits or their extensions.


Compensation Design

We can help you with compensation packages designs and tax structuring in line with industry practices and related documentation.

“With effective resource management strategies, you can improve your timeline projections.” 

Why do Organizations Need Resource Management? 

Resources are an essential asset of an organization and can include anything required to execute a task or project. These resources can range from the people, and their skill sets to the tools, machinery and facilities. With the existence of resources, the need for their management also arises. 

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Payroll Services

You can get assistance with your monthly, quarterly and annual compensation and payroll services, tax with-holding, and related compliance requirements.

payroll diagnostics

Payroll Diagnostics

We can help you with any inefficiencies or issues with your existing employee compensation policies, workflow and tax structure.



With us, you can conceptualize and design the equity-linked incentive and compensation schemes and review existing practices as per industry best practices.

Changing Paradigms & the Future of Talent Acquisition Post-COVID

ShoreWise helps your business reach its higher objectives

If you are looking to expand your business’s operations overseas, fulfil staffing requirements or outsource your HR functions, we at ShoreWise can help match you with the services that best fit your company’s objectives. Contact us today for a strategic partnership as an Employer of Record. You can learn more about our services to see how we can address your various staffing and HR needs.

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