Helping You Adapt Various Processes and Policies to Your International Workforce

Helping you deal with strategic and operational aspects of maintaining an international workforce.
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Developing talent and transferring skill on a global scale

We take care of all your global service needs ranging from frequent business travelers to those employees working on extended formal assignments for a duration of three to five years. Our global mobility strategies will be in line with your business objectives. 

Deploy our global mobility services to your organization

Robust Global Mobility Strategy

 Here at ShoreWise, we help you formulate and develop your international mobility strategy to deliver a proper structure and consistency to all your cross-border employee assignments.

HR & Payroll Efficiency

Our global mobility assistance teams help you with country-specific support in managing various HR aspects, such as  onboarding, payroll, compensation, tax remittance, appraisals, & more.

Complete Business Compliance

We take care of all your employment contracts, assignment letters, local legislation, income tax and social security obligations, etc., across international payroll environments.

Know the latest talent acquisition strategies for 2021

We saw the shifting trends of talent acquisition in 2019 and 2020 but as we all know, there is a huge drift happening in 2021 and businesses have to up their talent acquisition strategy to hire the best candidates available. Together let’s modify and upgrade your strategies for finding candidates without being left behind.

Get a Comprehensive Package That Suits Your Business Needs

ShoreWise Global Mobility Services

Stay compliant in your overseas business operations with our host of global mobility services.

HR Management:
We manage the HR functions of your international employee assignments for your inbound workforce.

Transparent Contracts:
You can review your secondment contracts and their compliance.

Visa/immigration Services:
You can get advisory and procurement services for immigration and visa compliance.

Employee Exchange Guidance: 
We can help you with advice on exchange control requirements for your national employees.

Compensation Structure:
We can help you design a cost-effective and tax-compliant employee compensation structure.

Payroll Reporting Guidance:
You can get advice on employees’ individual and payroll reporting as per global compliance norms.

Incentive Structuring Guidance: 
We help you design employee equity incentives or share plans as per your requirements.

International Allowances:
We offer services for international pension, benefit and compensation management.

Payroll Diagnostics Services:
You can benefit from our payroll diagnostics services that review and rectify any payroll tax and social security issues.

Guidance on Overseas Taxes:
You can seek advice and consultation for cross border tax issues and employee due diligence.

Social Security Compliance:
You can get relieved of compliance issues related to social security compliance.

Navigate complex regulations

We can assist you in addressing the common issues that may impact your global mobility strategy. We help you meet even the complex regulatory requirements for able governance without the hassles of changing policies and market disruptions.

With ShoreWise’s vast experience, they incorporated their staffing agencies which have vast networks in Vietnam, to arrange job posting, schedule interviews, and assess and hire the right candidates as per our needs.

— David Smith, Head of Operations

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