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Strengthen your brand value, community outreach, company culture and marketing efforts and get a distinct competitive advantage with ShoreWise, a registered Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in the US & Canada!
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Human Resource Revolution – Building Workforce for the Future

Supplier Diversity- A Global Approach to Driving Change; A Local Approach to Changing Lives

 ShoreWise Consulting is a leading global player in IT recruitment and staffing solutions, with a niche focus on Staff Augmentation. Our value is in offering deep functional expertise in the areas of IT Recruitment & Staffing Consulting (Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore, Temp Staffing) and Payroll. With years of experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level, combining our insights and skills to transform your talent strategies, and in turn, your company. 

Being a registered Minority Business Enterprise (MBE or Minority Supplier) in the USA and Canada, we have become the go-to partner for businesses looking to embrace an inclusive approach with a diverse global workforce, thus amplifying the benefits of your supplier diversity programs. Supplier diversity is instrumental in improving your bottom-line, and will benefit your business in more ways than impacting spend. 


Engage with ShoreWise and Realize your DEI Goals

Creativity & Innovation

Being a diverse owned supplier, we are more agile, allowing us to move and maneuver with greater flexibility and ease. This offers us opportunities to provide you innovative and unique staffing solutions.

New Markets & Customers

When you partner with a leading  diversity supplier like us, you are guaranteed the ability to penetrate new markets and gain new customers. When you reach out to us, you become privy to expanded business networks.

Improved Brand Value

When you choose us for your talent needs, it shows your customers and prospects that your business is focused on more than just making money. It will show them that your company is committed to making a difference.

Partner With Us to Discover New Ways to Strengthen Your Business 

Higher Cost Savings

Supplier Diversity Programs tend to yield quantifiable results in improved innovation, quality and value, for both the talent supplier and partner. Diversity suppliers can help your business save money and increase revenue, in addition to tax incentives. Thanks to their lower operational costs, these suppliers can pass the savings to businesses resulting in increased savings.

Wide Talent Pool

Engaging with  ShoreWise is not only an opportunity for your business to realize your DEI goals but is also a way to ensure that you have access to a diverse and wider skilled talent pool. The number of candidates and talent that prefer to work for organizations have a diverse workforce, is increasing across the world. Get that global diverse workforce with us!

Tax Incentives

Partnering with a leading and registered Minority Business Enterprise like ShoreWise can help to increase your cost efficiency and maximize profit margins. We can help you take advantage of many federal and state tax incentives, tax breaks, and potential rebates that are exclusive to MBEs, thus increase revenues and reduce overall costs for MBE partners as well.

Tailored Solutions

Minority Business Enterprises are  leaner and hence enjoy greater agility. Being a certified diversity supplier, we can offer you tailored and flexible solutions  depending on your organizational talent requirements. Moreover, we bring innovation and creativity in our unique solutions to the table to standout against larger competitors.

Business Resilience

Committed to quality and excellence, we warrant competitive pricing along with on-time delivery with uncompromising quality, enabling you to achieve your projected bottom-line profits while creating a resilient environment attuning to the challenges of the present and future. Partner with ShoreWise to prepare for the future!

Strategic Relationships

Working with a minority-owned company can partner you with a highly-qualified vendor and may open the door for future state and federal contracts. Increasing diversity spending can qualify you for government contracts. Moreover, being committed to inclusion, is a great way to build your brand as well as strategic business relations.

Case Studies

Staffing Developers to Build Enterprise Software

Learn how ShoreWise successfully managed to staff an entire team of skilled tech professionals to deliver an outstanding enterprise application.

Delivering a Reliable Contingent Workforce

With ShoreWise, our client was able to supplement their workforce and build a strong team of talent and highly skilled professionals to complete their project.

Setting Up Offshore India Process For US Client

ShoreWise provides its client with personalized offshore service and also stays committed to their purpose of only finding and working with the best.

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