Align Your Business Operations With the Desired Skillsets by Setting up Nearshore Projects in Canada

We help you build your extended team support across Canada in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Embrace Nearshoring to Meet Client Demands and Gain a Truly Competitive Advantage

Harness the Potential of a Cost-Effective and Efficient Workforce

support team

Your On-Demand Support Team for Better Business Outcomes

We assist you in building your team with the most efficient talent to support your various projects. We will completely take care of the administration, procurement, managed support, and various HR functions of the process for you. 

You can benefit from the rewards of nearshoring across Mainland Canada with smooth collaboration among your in-house and outsourced teams. The diverse and vibrant workforce in Canada will surely match the culture of your organization back home.

You get the right people that work as an extension of your organization and accelerate your business growth.

We Fulfil Your Unique Business Requirements

We provide you with both individual project developers as well as multi-functional project development teams. You can collaborate with us for projects of any time duration as per your business requirements.

Our team has excellent knowledge regarding the latest developments in software and technology for nearshore development. Along with cost reduction, we are ahead in innovation and efficiency and our efforts are reflected in your increased profits and competitive advantage. 

With ShoreWise, you get customized nearshore resourcing with shorter time-to-market schedules.


Time Zone Compatibility and Cultural Affinity

With your nearshore team from Canada, you get geographical proximity for your business and fewer time zone differences than any offshoring option.

Shared time zones are paramount in the software industry, where matching workdays are vital in certain software development processes. The language and cultural similarities of your team personnel further add value to your business.

Many people in countries that surround your organizations country of origin consume and keep themselves updated on current affairs and pop culture making it easier to communicate effectively.

Explore Our Nearshore Functions


Information Technology Outsourcing

You can rely on us to take care of your all or specific IT needs across diverse domains like software development, maintenance and support.

process flow

Process-Specific Outsourcing

You can get specific operation-related resourcing for a particular service with reduced costs and time and improved customer service.


Project Management Outsourcing

Our Project Management teams in Canada can offer support to your projects or portions of a specific project.

“ShoreWise helped us set up operations and recruit top talent, directly enabling us to grow our business prospects.”

Case Study: Setting up and Streamlining Nearshore Operations in Canada

A client approached ShoreWise to seek assistance with their recruitment process in Canada. The traditional hiring process that the client followed resulted in a huge wastage of resources, energy and time. We helped them streamline their recruitment process, reduce the efforts of their hiring manager and allowed them to build the perfect team in Canada to expand their business prospects.

Extract the best talent pool closest to your vicinity


Enhanced Productivity

You get increased productivity at each step as your nearshore teams work on the same schedule as your in-house teams.



You get the benefit of quality work as the nearshore teams can work directly with the clients. 



You get the feasibility to scale up or down your resourcing requirements as per your business needs and growth plans.

How to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency

Interested in Speaking to a ShoreWise Representative?

You can get in touch today for any type of nearshore requirements for your business. We can help you set up and develop a talent pool without the loss of staff members in the process.

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