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Boost Performance

With us, you get integrated payroll processing services that input data in real-time. Our unified data platform is capable of integrating various payroll processes, HR services, and other financial information. You can get a consolidated view and analysis of payroll operations irrespective of where your employees are based.

Global Compliance

We help you reduce global expansion complexities with a streamlined solution for all international payroll processing needs. Our global payroll system adheres to both local and global legislation. It enables you to track all amendments and updates and implement them into local process systems.

Employee Engagement

Our integrated global payroll services help you save more time and resources so that you can focus on moving ahead. You get consistency across all services provided to employees. This improves employee engagement and increases agility across your organization.

Quality and Efficiency

With our services, you get a high level of quality work that adheres to various norms and legislatures. Our centralized payroll system eliminates the chances of errors and misjudgment to give you accurate and timely payroll data and checks.

Gain Access to a Unified International Payroll System 


Unified Global Payroll System

With us, you get a unified platform for all your Global Payroll services in one place. This makes it easier for your employees at various global locations to get disbursement solutions for all types of multi-currency payments.

Effective Self-Service System

Your employees can update their essential information and audit their business data specifically into our Employee Self-service System. This diminishes the manual administrative burden.

Record keeping

Automated Record-Keeping

You get an updated and accurate record of all employee records, like, monthly pay slips, incentives or overtime payment summary, deductions, compensations, or any payroll related claims. 

fast delivery

Quick and Direct Movement of Funds

We ensure rapid movement of funds for payment of employees’ salaries or any tax remittances. Your employees will not face payment delays and hassles with us, as we work in tandem with your in-house payroll teams.

Standardize and streamline your global payroll systems

We offer industry-leading expertise to meet your global payroll processing needs in multiple countries. Our integrated payroll services help streamline your business processes in all those countries where you wish to expand your business. We help you save cost and time by simplifying your employee payment processes and offer complete compliance support. Also, our services are user friendly, flexible and it is made to assist your needs anywhere and anytime. Therefore, you get standardized and streamline global payroll system for your growing business.

Full-Service Payroll Management Solutions

Global Payroll Processing

We provide you with interactive global payroll reporting in real-time across all countries that you set base in. Our services range from integrated financial data, reporting information to multiple currency payroll processing.

Data Reports & Analysis

We share periodic input reports and data analysis with you based on individual employee’s data or their pay component factors. We also issue annual reports on all transactions so that you get meaningful data that helps boost productivity.

Working Together

We partner with you as an efficient and trustworthy Global Payroll provider. Our virtue is built on integrity and solidarity. We offer consistent and transparent services across various countries to help you achieve high performance. 

Self Service Portal

You get an effective self-service system with real-time access to employee information. It ensures timely communication of employee life cycle information and data inputs regarding employee absence, resignation, attendance management etc. 


We ensure that you get complete regulatory and statutory payroll compliance and reporting in all countries where your employee base is.  We provide you with a risk- free configurable statutory compliance management system. 

Secure Data Exchange

We ensure you get secure and confidential information across every level of our Global Payroll services. Our automated services and encrypted data transmission provide complete peace of mind.

Cutting edge Technology

Our Global Payroll Services use the best in class technology and cloud-based payroll processing software to provide you with maximum efficiency in your Global Payroll process.

Payroll Helpdesk Support

We also provide helpdesk support for your employee’s payroll related queries at all levels. Your employees get a quick and timely resolution for all their payroll concerns across multiple countries.

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