Relocating and Centralizing an Entire Finance Division in Canada

Securing Your Organization’s Ability to Meet Payroll Requirements

Ready Cash Available

You can forward your outstanding payments directly to our payroll funding team instead of sending your invoices to your customers and waiting endlessly for payment. You can count on our consistent cash flow services to assist you in times of need, with even the possibility of creating a rainy-day fund.


You get payment flexibility with our services as there are no minimums or long-term contracts. You have the freedom to handle your money as per your needs. The amount of money you receive isn’t capped to a certain amount as long as you’re invoicing customers.

Consistency of Funding

With our payroll funding services, you will always be in a position to be able to meet your organization’s payroll funding needs. You need not worry now when the payment will arrive. We help you eliminate all your payroll funding worries and develop the confidence to streamline your payroll operations.

Accelerate Your Growth

Our Payroll funding services ensure that you always maintain sufficient working capital to take care of your employees’ payments and bills. You can now eliminate the possibility of delayed cash flows and utilize your resources to employ new staff to fulfill client orders and grow.

Strengthen Your Business Operations With Payroll Factoring

flexible solutions

Flexible Financing

We assist you in payroll financing with flexible solutions that are customized as per your organization’s needs and finance availability.

industry knowledge

Industry Knowledge

We have a proven track record of successful payroll factoring and funding. We help you establish financial stability with our dedicated staffing teams.

competitive rates

Competitive Rates

We help you improve your business cash flows with our services offered at competitive rates that do not further burden you financially.

Value-Added Services

We can help you take care of back-office support, payroll accounting and client credit checks.

Streamline Your Business Cashflow

We at ShoreWise help you meet your payroll needs on time with our efficient Payroll Factoring solutions. With our consistent funding structure available, you need not struggle to maintain positive cash flow in your business due to delayed client payments.

You can partner with us to streamline your business cash flows by converting your outstanding receivables into cash to pay employees.

cash flow

Our Payroll Factoring Solutions Provide You With a Comprehensive Package

Providers by Location

We help match your business with the best payroll funding provider for your area. You can request a quote today, and we’ll find the right fit for you.

Payroll Financing

We help you finance your invoices to get cash advances up to 90% of the invoice values. You can then use these advances to fund your staffing agency or business needs.

Customized Funding

We provide you with customized payroll funding, ranging from only invoice purchases to full-service payroll factoring that includes additional responsibilities like payroll processing and tax filing.

Credit Analysis

We can also cooperate with you to provide credit checks for your new customers. You can consult with us on the likelihood of receiving timely payments from clients and customers.

Accounts Receivable Management

We can take over your accounts receivable management for your factored invoices, which will reduce the need for back-office staff.

Easy Approvals

You are likely to get quick payroll funding even if your company has not able to secure bank financing. We conduct credit checks on your customers to get the right details that may approval your payroll financing.

Quick Financing

We ensure that you can avail of financing within 24 hours of submitting invoices. Faster disbursals let you have the money for payroll and other expenses on time. 

On-Demand Payroll Factoring

If you wish to have a complete solution for your payroll funding, we can even assist you with paycheck processing, tax processing, client credit checks and many other services.

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Global Payroll

You can get the benefits of our Global Payroll services based on structured governance that help you achieve economies of scale.


With ShoreWise, you can outsource the management of your organization’s recruitment function to us to drive cost and quality and get scalable benefits.

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Staffing solutions that support your talent acquisition strategy

Our experts will help you find the perfect job-seekers as per your organizational requirements, from sourcing to screening.

You can effectively set up your helpdesk, call center, or customer support desk with our enhanced managed resources.

We will help you attract, employ, improve and train employees for a high-value engagement experience.

We help you design, implement and manage a rigorous audit strategy that support your goals to build a better business.

We provide you with customized and flexible options for client-end projects delivered on time and within budget.

Secure influential C-suite leaders with a strategic mindset that can drive your business decisions towards success.

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