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Incorporate agile principles in your organization to accelerate business growth 

Our Agile Transformation Services help you start your transformation journey with a pragmatic approach to succeed. With us, you can target achieving greater agility. We transform your enterprise by introducing Lean and Agile principles and practices to accelerate business growth.

While a change in business outcomes, client needs, risks and technologies is inevitable, we help you innovate technically in a consistent manner. You learn to respond to and learn from external events successfully. Thorough knowledge of Agile methodologies and skills will help you chart out new courses of action.

Get ahead of market volatility and pivot effortlessly to maintain a competitive advantage

Frequent Value Delivery

Our Agile Transformation services help your organization work in short, productive stretches. This ensures your teams deliver results in smaller, frequent packets as the project evolves. 

Continuous Improvement

We ensure your Agile teams get into a continuous process of collaborating, learning, and adjusting throughout regular iterations allowing your team to reshape in unision.

Cost Control

Our Agile Transformation methodologies allow your teams to evaluate the cost of each project sprint, which encourages opportunities for regular budget refinements. 

Your journey to agility begins with full-scale agile transformation solutions

Scaling Agile Framework

With ShoreWise, we assist you in transforming your organization with the right scaling framework for Agile that is the most suitable choice for a specific environment. We offer custom products and solutions that are concurrent with your business outcomes.

Assessment of Agile Readiness

We help you conduct an honest assessment of your organization to check your Agile readiness. With us, you learn to recognize the organizational challenges you may face on your Agile journey, the enablers and the risks involved.

Educate the Entire Enterprise

We offer a vast selection of training services to train and launch teams that support and leverage Agile development. We train individual Agile teams, as well as educate various organizational groups across multiple domains in Agile methodologies and practices.

Value Stream Mapping

We help you analyze the complete flow of information, people, and resources required to bring a product or service to your customers. We use Lean manufacturing methodologies to optimize the value stream by removing delays and waste.

Lean-Agile Metrics

We make use of Lean-Agile metrics to help your teams review and analyze their own performance. These metric measure the efficiency of the system and can be used in various methodologies. We provide them with actionable insights for improvement, measured on a program or team level. 

DevOps Practices

We encourage continuous communication and collaboration between application development teams and the IT Operations team for better integration and transparency. The main component promotes collaboration to deliver code to production in a rapid and streamlined way.

Agile Teams

You can get comprehensive training and coaching support from our myriad of Agile teams that consist of Scrum Masters, DevOps Engineers, Product Owners & Managers, Release Train Engineers, and Agile Developers & Testers.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile coaches help train your corporate teams and leadership on the Agile methodology. We help Agile teams and guide them throughout the implementation process with our Team, Program, Portfolio, and Executive Coaches.

Product Development

We provide you with Scrum Learning for producing high quality, user-oriented digital products. Your teams get complete learning of the process of creating product vision and then using it to form your product backlog.

Case Studies

Staffing Developers to Build Enterprise Software

Learn how ShoreWise successfully managed to staff an entire team of skilled tech professionals to deliver an outstanding enterprise application.

Delivering a Reliable Contingent Workforce

With ShoreWise, our client was able to supplement their workforce and build a strong team of talent and highly skilled professionals to complete their project.

Setting Up Offshore India Process For US Client

ShoreWise provides its client with personalized offshore service and also stays committed to their purpose of only finding and working with the best.

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You can acquire project-based resources and solutions for your organization with our complete range of advanced strategic resourcing.

SAFe Services

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) services can help you design your workflow patterns based on Agile practices at an enterprise level.

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