Helping Companies Design and Establish Their Enterprise Center of Excellence Operations 

Create a culture of innovation and bring development, optimization and operations together by fully harnessing the power of your center of excellence.

Build a COE That Provides Executive Support and Governance to Project Teams


From Small-Scale to Enterprise Projects, Build a Team That Is Geared for Success


Optimize Your Workflow With the Right Team

We at Shorewise help empower your enterprises with a Center of Excellence (COE) to make the maximum utilization of technology and services within key teams as well as across your entire organization.

Your CoE can play an influential role in your digital transformation with the correct portfolio planning and strategies. 

Sustainable and outstanding performance and value can be assured along with Cross-discipline team members who can contribute immensely to your company. 

We bring together competitive people and cutting-edge technology from different parts of your organization on the same platform. 

Our Three-Tier Approach to Excellence

We partner with you to set up your Center of Excellence that advocates a three-tier focus-your people, process, and the technologies involved.

We help you select the right mix of people with the appropriate skills who are passionate to work and collaborate together in well-defined roles.

We help you build the right processes based on iterative methodologies to deliver business value. You can get the best-advanced technology platform that is scalable, updated, customized as well as secure.

Our three-tier approach to excellence promises a holistic development of your organization.

Minimised resources

Collaborate & Execute to Perfection

We deliver our services to set up your Center of Excellence for your organization across three phases: Planning, Implementation & Transformation, and Operations.

Our satisfied clients agree that these steps have been helping to mature their COE.

We help you develop a strategy and roadmap for your COE based on your business goals and vision.

In the Implementation phase, we can collaborate to execute the Project and Program Management strategies built in the first phase.

With our Operations phase, you can aim for quality service delivery and timely support.

Create an organizational structure that unifies business goals

Creation of Strong Business Cases

We help your organization set up a new Center of Excellence, or transition existing services to a global location, seamlessly. We help you make a strong business case for a global center and chart out a blueprint accordingly.

Implementation and KT Strategy

We assist you in facility management for your new center and the incorporation of its legal entity. We also help you formalize HR policies and set up operations, Knowledge Transfers, and streamline Change Management.

Reporting Structure and Governance

We help you define the governance model for your newly set up COE. You can assess the progress and monitor the performance of the global center-based on our performance metrics.

“Finding the right IT personnel can be a hassle. ShoreWise’s
expertise and industry insights made the process a lot easier and smoother.”

Case Study: Managing the Entire Recruitment Cycle and Supplementing our Client’s IT Efforts

ShoreWise was approached by a client to manage their entire recruitment cycle. In addition to making sure that the client company was able to competently hire adequately skilled workers, ShoreWise also supported their IT efforts and helped them complete their project in time. Finding the right IT personnel can be a huge hassle in the contemporary environment. But the specialized experience and knowledge of ShoreWise can make the process a lot easier and smoother.

Create measurable processes that drive excellence


Training & development

Development of Core Capabilities

You can identify the purpose and underlying support structure for your COE. We help you understand your business vision, capabilities management, and architecture for supporting technologies to get the best outcomes.


Comprehensive Business Support

We help you mark the area of focus of your COE and the scope of its delivery of service. This can range from subject matter expertise to full-service solutions or both, directed towards better business outcomes.

knowledge sharing

Shared Knowledge & Expertise

You can partner with us to build a vast pool of knowledge within the business and your COE. Together, we can achieve this through training, skill assessments, and internal certifications based on sharing best practices and mentoring.

Emerging Trends in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

A COE helps you develop expertise and standards in all areas of your organizations

We can help you set up and manage your own Center of Excellence with the right mix of people, resources and technologies. Our COE services are process-driven and can drive innovation based on industry best practices. You can contact us today to assist you with your COE needs.

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