Changing Paradigms and the Future of Talent Acquisition Post-COVID

Establish Smarter Safe Practices to Empower Your Organization

Easy Collaboration

Our SAFe certified consultants promote cross-team collaboration by emphasizing delivering value along with project completion. We work closely with your teams to improve the value stream and work on the same goals.

Improved Speed 

We build an agile approach to IT development that focuses on speed and close communication. This enables you to achieve productivity gains through effective communication and being highly responsive to customer demands.

Consistent Improvement

We help your project management teams consistently improve by identifying opportunities to streamline work and reduce unproductive results with less wastage of time and effort. 

Autonomous Decisions

With Agile-based framework in project management, your project team members can use their own knowledge and experience in the decision-making process.

Align All Your Enterprise Level Processes With Our SAFe Solutions


Project Status Visibility

You will have access to an Executive Project Dashboard where you can quickly check your project completion status. We keep you updated on the key milestone dates as well as any plan of action the team is undertaking to avoid any delays.


Detailed Plan Structure

We will help you with detailed and accurate project completion schedules so that you can make informed business decisions. You will have a weekly control process to keep the schedule current as we keep your team members engaged and accountable. 

Quality assurance

Assurances on Progress

 We keep you updated on the progress of your weekly project completion performance. We also ensure positive doable tasks that keep the project finish date in check. This will ensure you have insights into the progress of every step of your project.

Three-tier approach

Minimized Resources

With us, you get more resource flexibility, as resources are assigned to iterations rather than entire projects. With our shorter planning cycles, your amount of upfront planning is minimized.

We help you meet the requirements of all your stakeholders

We provide you with a comprehensive support system for SAFe for scaling Agile across your enterprise. Our service framework will help you build extensive IT and engineering projects with faster time-to-market and maximum productivity and quality levels. 

Our services built on SAFe recognize the significance of planning, resource allocation, risk management, teamwork and coordination, at each stage of your project. We employ data-driven strategies and Business Intelligence for your projects so that they get completed within the stipulated financial and time constraints.

You can partner with us to achieve higher operational performance and higher economic efficiency along with greater customer satisfaction.


Providing You With a Comprehensive Suite of Transformation Solutions

Network-Based Schedules

We provide you with a detailed time network analysis which serves you as an information reporting tool to determine workforce, material, and capital requirements.


Cost-Time Tradeoff 

We give you the best project management outcomes with Cost-Time Tradeoff  (CTTO) practices. This increases the net project outcome by eliminating selected activities. We then present you with a new heuristic CTTO which balances cost, time and resources.

Staffing Analysis

We help you with the correct identification of your human resources for the project based on the project schedule. You can get valuable insights into how to acquire your project team members, selection critera, and whether to acquire them in-house or externally.

Project Reporting

We provide you with an extensive report system to keep you updated about each step of your project. We also help you establish various project governance procedures, standard reports, metrics, coding structures and supporting templates.

Generate Reports for Stakeholders

We also provide you with comprehensive reports of project status for the project stakeholders. This will help you monitor budgets and timelines, mitigate risks, and build accurate project plans.

Project Management Software 

We will serve as your onsite expert in project management software tools. You can always access updated data in real-time for all your projects through our project management software. 

Project Consulting

We can provide your concerned teams with valuable Project management and Agile advice. We can also advise your existing project managers or Agile Project Leaders with the necessary tools and recommended resources for the project.

Schedule Validation

We help you validate your initial project schedule based on recommended quality checks and suggested project metrics. We perform project schedule quality checks for leads, lags, relationship types, hard constraints, and the Critical Path Test.

We Help Transform Businesses

HR Automation

We help you conquer your digital workplace challenges and help you design a unified platform to perform, track, and improvise HR functions.

Agile Transformation

We help you transform your organization so that it can thrive in a flexible, collaborative, and self-organizing environment.

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Talent solutions that support your business growth

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We will help you attract, employ, improve and train employees for a high-value engagement experience.

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