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Empower your service desk. Bring your business and customers together on a collaborative platform for a seamless communication experience.
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Enhance your customer interactions with our best-in-class helpdesk support solutions

Efficient end-to-end communication is necessary for your business to respond to customers and users more quickly and effectively. An organized help desk allows your support team to offer the best possible customer experience. You can effectively set up your helpdesk, call center, or customer support desk with our enhanced managed resources. 
You get complete services that include customer support, network administration, security, and management. You can focus on your business while we handle your helpdesk support. 

Experience our comprehensive helpdesk management solutions

24×7 Accessibility

We provide a seamless full-scale support communication system that is accessible to your customers at all times. 


Quality Customer Service 

Our well-trained  customer service personnel can promptly address the issues of your customers across multiple channels

Quick Problem Resolution 

You can benefit from our efficient help desk or support team providing quick and suitable resolutions to various issues. 


Extract more value from our helpdesk support solutions

Best End-User Support

You get an organized internal and external communication system in your company with our Helpdesk Management Services. Our helpdesk team will be the first point of contact (FPOC) for both your employees and customers. What you get is a unified interface for interaction and technical resolution that focuses on fixing and troubleshooting IT issues. 

Call Center Options 

We help you set up a call center to handle large volumes of inbound and outbound calls as per your business needs. You can choose to set up a call center in-house, i.e., located within your company, or opt for a virtual cloud-based center that is not restricted to a single location.

Customer Support Desk 

Our customer service teams are well-equipped to work on issues with a range of severity and complexity. Whether it is something as simple as instructing the customer to use any software, or a complicated issue related to payments or transactions, our teams are set to provide resolution with the same competency and proactiveness.

Support & Management  

With us, you get enhanced solutions for IT Support and management. You can rely on our service desk and help desk teams to provide full-fledged IT support. We will take care of all your additional support requirements like self-service, asset management, reporting, and ticketing.

Incident Management  

You can get complete support to set up efficient IT help desks that act as a single point of contact between the IT and end-users. We follow the best practices for incident management and resolution. This ensures your business operations run efficiently, with minimal or no downtime.

Automatic Ticketing   

You can streamline work across multiple help desk and support teams   and automate your ticket allocation or even create manual workflows across multiple support lines. We can assist you in setting up automated notifications to ping customer support employees about pending tickets. 

Team Scale-Up 

Simplify your customer service process flow as per business growth across multiple channels. Get a comprehensive view of your customer information, their previous interactions, issues, resolutions or escalations. Capture inquiries from different channels and funnel them in one place, managing ticket allocations and workload.

Knowledge Base Set-Up

We help you set up a well-defined knowledge base with detailed documentation for both internal and external use. This allows customers to find and assess common information rather than reaching out to support teams immediately. This includes analyzing tools to find your ‘most viewed documentation’ or ‘the most searched term.’

Customization & Updation

You get a very customized service with us according to your requirements and the type of service you provide. Helpdesk, call center, or customer support desk we always update our expertise according to the changes happening in world of technology. Therefore, you will get the latest service invariably.

Case Studies

Delivering Reliable Contingent Workforce

With ShoreWise, our client was able to supplement their workforce and build a strong team of talent and highly skilled professionals to complete their project.

Efficient Procurement of Contractual Resources 

ShoreWise helped its client to manage their existing contractual resources. We automated their manual processing work in accordance with the suggested guidelines.

Executive Hiring Done Right: A ShoreWise Case Study

ShoreWise assisted its client with the hiring of highly engaged contract employees and automating manual processing work.

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