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Our Full-Scale RPO Solutions Give You Access To

High-Quality Talent 

You get the necessary staff and technology to fulfill your recruitment requirements with our holistic hiring solutions. Our team of qualified and experienced recruiting professionals can help you find the right skilled candidates for all roles and processes.

Cost-Effective Solutions 

From sorting resumes to carrying out interviews or negotiating new offers, our RPO services can help you identify gaps in your current recruitment process and suggest means to reduce overall hiring costs by sharing risk.

Rapid Scalability

What you get is a rapidly scalable staffing experience across multiple scenarios as per your organization’s changing dynamics. You get your recruitment requirements scaled up or scaled down by our team at a uniform price with the same quality outputs.

Low Turnaround Time

You get a time-efficient and streamlined recruitment process with our RPO solutions, with the best-suited candidates in the minimum possible turnaround time. We value your time and realize the importance of an unfilled job requisition to your business.

Customized options to cater to your recruitment needs


End-to-End Recruitment

You get a full spectrum of recruitment services from conceptualization to execution, like, recruitment planning and preparation, candidate sourcing, screening, hiring, and on-boarding. 

on demand HR

On-Demand RPO

You can enhance your candidate flow and acquire the best talent with our experienced recruiters. We provide the right candidates for interim recruitment, business growth processes, and more.

Global reach

Global & Local Reach

We provide multilingual recruitment options for your inter-regional or international job openings, as well as local admin and back-office recruitment support so that you can focus on your high-end business initiatives. 

Customised solutions

Custom Recruitment 

You get a tailored package of recruiting services with us, as per your business objectives, vision and market demand irrespective of whether it is a general requirement or a specific skill need.

Flexible and scalable RPO solutions 

We take charge of all your recruitment responsibility from the start. With us, you do not have to worry about unfilled positions or wasting business resources dedicated to other initiatives for the hiring process. 

We provide intelligent solutions to adjust talent acquisition headcount as per your hiring needs. You can leave the entire responsibility of adjusting the resource levels to our RPO teams.  We will fill up the hiring gaps when more resources are needed. Similarly, we manage hiring fluctuations during business downturns. 

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Our Full-Scale RPO Services Encompass

Strategic Sourcing 

We partner with you to collaborate on dynamic projects that cover a hierarchy of corporate needs, such as supply, service, cost, innovation, quality, and even regulatory compliance, to improve efficiency.

Candidate Management 

You get a well-designed candidate management strategy with our recruitment experts that helps build and sustain relationships with prospective job seekers. 

Talent Engagement 

With our holistic talent engagement activities, you attract the right people to your organization. This increases productivity and enhances retention for your new hires as well as the existing talent pool.

Workforce Consulting 

You get a concrete action plan where we work with your team to formulate the best working models and engage in the best people practices. This will help you identify any gaps in your workforce strategy.

Workforce Analytics  

Our workforce analytics range from automatic resume research, background and social media checks to employee performance and behavior monitoring, training and support, and productivity benchmarks.

Network Utilization 

You get the benefit of our comprehensive alliances with major job portals, social networking platforms, and both national and international schools and universities to get the right candidates for you. 

On-Demand Recruiters 

Collaborate with our team of skilled recruiters where you get the recruitment as per your dynamic business demands, with the ability to scale and flex as needed. Our specified expertise supplements your existing HR teams and needs.

Data-Driven Capabilities 

Tap into your organization’s internal as well as external data that helps to uncover unique perspectives for your decision-making process and overcome the challenge of managing large volumes of data with our advanced data management capabilities.

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Vendor Management  

Manage your vendors and suppliers and empower your business by reducing costs, reducing vendor risks, and ensuring excellent service delivery. 

Helpdesk Management  

Manage service calls, customer requests, and IT support at virtual, local, or centralized levels in your organization in a secure, and efficient way.

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We help you deal with the operational and strategic aspects of maintaining an international workforce and manage complex tax planning.

We assist you with the HR design of recruitment programs of any size using the best-suited and tailored  knowledge, methodology, and expertise.

We help you build an Agile organization by equipping you with the key Agile capabilities that focus on comprehensive improvement across the organization.

We help you attract, employ, improve and train employees for a high-value engagement experience.

You get the ability to hire on-demand to meet your organization’s exact workforce capacity at any given time. 

We help you build your extended team support across Canada in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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