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You can acquire project-based resources and solutions for your organization with our complete range of advanced strategic resourcing that covers IT, Management & Technology domains.
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Staffing Resources

Changing Paradigms and the Future of Talent Acquisition Post COVID-19

Rethink how you hire talent with our contingent staffing solutions

Feeling the resource pinch for your wide array of projects? At ShoreWise, we have a team of dedicated project-based staffing recruiters who focus on delivering expertise, quality resources and skilled professionals for your projects. Whatever be the extent and dimensions of your project, we will analyze your project’s requirements and challenges and take stock of your contingent workforce.  

We strive to ensure projects are completed within budget and on time. Our teams will devise and manage relevant staffing solutions with a qualified contingent workforce to complete your projects with a short turnaround time and reduced costs. Get in touch today for your Project staffing needs.  

Stay ahead by deploying your contingent workforce

Rational and Competent Solutions 

We offer you project solutions that are competitive in business operations while reducing training costs and eliminating administrative workloads.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Solutions

With us, you can test the waters with a contract employee’s efforts, attitude, and skillset, before you bring them on-board and add them to your full-time roster.

Personalized Resourcing Solutions

Optimize your resources with a focus on other business areas while we take care of sourcing, vetting, and onboarding your project contingent employees.

Our comprehensive contingent staffing solutions cater to various industries

Information Technology 

You can benefit from our services across diverse IT domains like Application Development & Programming, Web Development, System Analysis, Database Administration, QA &SW Testing, Project & Program Management, Network Administration & Engineering, and more.


We provide you with the best technologies and processes to put your plans into action. You can count on us to deliver qualified and capable engineering professionals across various engineering fields, like Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Industrial and Product Engineering, Drafting and Lean means.

Professional Services 

We provide you with a broad domain of services like Administration, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Research and Help Desk Management. You can always turn to us for experienced and skilled contingents that can help you meet your business targets.

Enterprise Applications

You can give your Enterprise Application project the much-needed excellence and reliability with our contingency consultants and professionals. You can derive maximum results from their industry-level expertise and experience in Enterprise Applications Delivery across a myriad of domains like SAP, ERP, CRM, Oracle, SQL, Cloud, HANA, etc.

Clinical Studies & Research 

You get collaborative as well as independent solutions for your business projects with our efficient and skilled team of professionals. We assist you with candidates covering a range of services which includes agricultural researchers, environmental scientists, biologists, chemists, radiology technicians,  and more.

Digital Transformation 

You get the right mix of business and domain experience with our qualified service professionals and consultants. You can partner with us in a multitude of areas for digital transformation, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Qlik, Tableau, MuleSoft, and even Robotic Process Automation.

Program Management  

We help you add power to your business performance with our Program Management professionals. Get project-based solutions for a full spectrum of campaigns, covering multiple projects. Our candidates will cover your business goals, map out the blueprint for various projects and delegate responsibilities.

Change Management 

You can successfully manage the people’s side of change in your organization, as in the case of a new process design, creating a new organization, or mergers or acquisitions.  Our accomplished teams will follow a structured approach to Change Management in your organization so that everyone is able to embrace change successfully.

Business Analytics 

You can enhance your strategic decision making with our contingent teams for analytics. They will be well-versed in the necessary skills, practices, and technologies to explore and analyze past business performance. You can make confident decisions and drive operational efficiency with their insights and business planning.

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