Transforming the Recruitment Process to Be More Efficient, Effective and Resilient

Get the Most Qualified Candidates to Work for You


Reduce hiring time and get access to only eligible candidates by interviewing candidates who have already been reviewed and tested.

Highly Skilled

Get access to an exclusive database of  highly skilled contract manpower for your emergency staffing and reduce any hindrance in business operations.  

Thoroughly Vetted

Reduce the risk of unqualified candidates seeping through the pipeline by hiring candidates who have already validated background checks.

Evaluate Before Hire

Hire candidates you are sure of. Evaluate the performance and cultural fit of candidates before committing to fulltime employment.

Case Studies


Executive Hiring Done Right: A ShoreWise Case Study

ShoreWise designed customized solutions and assisted us with the hiring of highly engaged troupes of contract employees and automating manual processing work

Efficient Procurement of Contractual Resources 

ShoreWise helped the client to manage their existing contractual resources. We automated their manual processing work in accordance with the suggested guidelines.

Assembling Teams With Our Headhunting Experts

ShoreWise helped the client with comprehensive services, including consultation, recruitment, and hiring employees to assemble and deploy an efficient team.

Sourcing a Top-Level Executive to Drive Business

Read more about how ShoreWise helped the client get the right candidate within a narrow timeframe for their role to drive their business in the appropriate direction.

Accelerate your business strategically with contract-to-hire staffing

If your organization needs to address a capacity gap or an immediate employment requirement we’ll help make strategic hires. With ShoreWise, you get the ability to “hire on-demand” to meet your organization’s workforce capacity needs at any given time. 

contract to hire

Flexible Contract-to-Hire Solutions for Your Unique Needs

On-Demand Access to Highly
Skilled Professionals

Hire specialists immediately when you need them for recurring or long-term projects when continuity is key.

Expedited Hiring Process

 You can expedite the entire hiring process with lesser costs and risks involved. You need not commit to paying an immediate salary or lofty onboarding expenses.

Staffing Flexibility

Contract-to-hire staffing allows you meet your on-demand workforce needs, whether seasonal or project-based requirements and avoid to avoid overstaffing and understaffing.

Accommodate Business Growth Needs

Whether you are dealing with business expansion, or project extensions, you can add value to your workforce by scaling up on staffing requirements, even at short notice.

Identify and Fill Talent Gaps

We’ll help identify, business challenges and hiring requirements and quickly deploy the right-fit, experienced, and high-skilled professionals to support your team.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Hire mid-to-senior level professionals who will quickly and efficiently support your team in annual, interim, time-sensitive, project.

Direct, Consultative, Goal-Oriented Relationships

Build goal-oriented relationships with a team that will help personalize in-depth staffing services to meet your unique needs.

Maximize Opportunities, Minimize Risks

Reduce liabilities, minimize financial burdens and improve cost controls with our fair, competitive and transparent pricing models.

Strategic Resourcing Solutions To Augment Your Workforce

Contractual Resourcing

Unpredictable workloads, seasonal peaks, business continuity issues, can also be overcome with temporary employment solutions.

Permanent Staffing

Our experienced headhunting division provides the best leaders for your business to guarantee successful outcomes. 

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We  help you review existing people’s strategy, identify the areas of improvement and develop a hiring process based on industry best practices.

Get the services of our payroll team for compensation organization tasks, tracking and managing payments to employees and payroll upkeep.

Improve your temp staff’s existing skills by setting continuing professional development goals and focusing on performance and technique.

Do you require the talent for a few months or a specific skill set for a short time project? Hiring employees on contract can be the key.

Need exclusive candidates for top positions in your company or management roles? Our headhunters and recruitment teams are there to assist you.

Falling short of headcount in your project workforce or trying to overcome delayed deadlines or final delivery? Contact our Project Resourcing team.

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