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Here Is How Recruitment Agencies Find The Right Candidates For Your Company

Partner with Us to Augment & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

We believe in driving excellence through innovation and impeccable execution. Our experienced professionals will help your organization to stay ahead in these tumultuous times of talent shortage. ShoreWise, a leading global player with a legacy in IT Consulting and Staffing Solutions, offers world-class Staff Augmentation services to clients across the world in diverse industries.
With the insurance landscape undergoing radical transformations, we help insurers to cope with it by providing cutting-edge insurance technology solutions with highly customized talent acquisition solutions through our dedicated subsidiary organization.
Headquartered in the USA, Axcel Beck Consulting, a subsidiary of ShoreWise, is a pioneer in the delivery of innovative and unmatched Insurtech solutions as well as offers onshore and nearshore staff augmentation services to insurers to enhance their Guidewire capabilities. To enable insurance companies to prepare for the future of insurance technology, we offer high-quality and flexible on-demand teams to insurance companies on a hire-train-deploy model through our subsidiary.
We can help power your digital transformation journey in these volatile times of acute tech talent shortage with our unique sourcing strategies. We can help you gain access to world-class Guidewire resources with Staff Augmentation at highly competitive rates. Guaranteeing project continuity with zero delays and increased success rates, our team of veteran insurance technology professionals can enable you to drive end-to-end digital transformation by combining the latest cutting-edge technology with highly customized strategies. To ensure your successful business outcomes cost-effectively, we source high-quality and experienced professionals skilled in diverse and latest technologies, who will be working on-site in Canada, to support projects in the US & Canada as well as anywhere around the globe.

Realize Your InsurTech Goals With Our Experts

Centre of Excellence

Setting up a Centre of Excellence in Canada with 95+ certified veteran Guidewire professionals, especially from India, we ensure our cost-effective resources are available to support clients, across the globe and at different time zones.

Hire-Train-Deploy Model

We provide experienced and skilled tech talent to organizations in a unique-Hire-Train-Deploy model, that encompasses all aspects from recruiting, hiring, orientation, training, and long-term integration on client projects.

Flexible & Scalable

Offers insurers tailored IT staffing solutions to supplement their existing workforce in their Guidewire initiatives. Resources are available on-demand, depending on the staffing needs, thus ensuring better flexibility and easy scalability.

Staff Augmentation Services You Can Count On

Certified & Experienced Professionals

Benefit from highly-qualified professionals with years of Guidewire experience to help you manage all your technical projects. Spend less while receiving more focused input from some of the industry’s top and highly experienced professionals.

Tailored Staffing Solutions

We offer insurance companies highly customized IT staffing solutions to ensure they have the right tech talent to meet their project requirements. Ensuring business resilience, flexibility, and scalability, we help you function efficiently.

Global Team Support

Our expansive pool of veteran Guidewire professionals is available to support clients across the world on even the most complex insurance technology projects of varying duration, onshore as well as nearshore.

Cost-Effective Staffing

We provide insurers with highly experienced and world-class insurance technology professionals, well versed in the Guidewire platform, at unbeatable rates, one of the industry’s lowest, for all their project requirements.

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