Augment Your Business Success by Coupling Talent With Intelligent Technology

Deploy automation and AI-based transformations in your recruitment processes to help you achieve machine-like efficiency and productivity.
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Redefine the way your organization approaches talent acquisition

We at ShoreWise believe that empowering organizations with intelligent workflows can change how work gets done. Our talent acquisition automation services can augment the core strengths of your recruitment and talent acquisition processes.

Recruit and evaluate more accurately with automation

Robust Hybrid Workforce

You get to build a strong workforce that has the right balance between human and digital labor.

Industry-Leading Software

We help you transform your talent acquisition processes with the right digital tools and automation services.

Improved Candidate Experience

We help you achieve rich candidate experience with our cognitive technology and robotic automation.

The latest in talent acquisition strategies for 2021

We saw the shifting trends of talent acquisition in 2019 and 2020 but as we all know there is a huge drift happening in 2021 and businesses have to enhance their talent acquisition strategy to hire the best candidates available. Together let’s modify and upgrade your strategies for finding candidates without being left out in the past.

Optimise Your Recruitment Process and Make the Right Hiring Decisions

Talent Acquisition Automation Services

Explore the ways in which we can help you can bring about a digital transformation of your HR processes.

Candidate Sourcing:
Gain access to a vast talent pool and databases online for quality candidates based on RPA technology.

HR Consulting Automation:
Utilize automation bots for sourcing candidates online to  streamline the process.

Manage Job Openings:
Promote your job openings on diverse job boards in just a few clicks and drive outcomes.

Applicant Tracking:
Get the benefit of less paperwork as you can collect and store resumes in secure cloud-based storage.

Candidate Pre-Screening:
Utilize automated services to ask candidates for resumes, contact information and more.

Interview Scheduling:
Use chatbots based on RPA technology to schedule an interview with a recruiter or hiring manager.

Send an automated assessment link and results to the candidate.

Recruitment Marketing Campaigns:
Automate your recruitment marketing campaigns for regular correspondence with candidates & deliver job postings.

Conducting Video Interviews:
Utilize a video interviewing platform, where bots can send automated links to candidates for video interviews.

Candidate Feedback:
Bots can collect real-time data to monitor candidate satisfaction at each stage of recruitment.

Automated Communication:
We help you simplify your acquisition process, communicate automated messages and email templates.

Fetch the best talent for your organization in the shortest timespan

We help you apply the power of automation and AI to digitize your talent acquisition process. With our services, you can uncover opportunities for automation for continuous process improvements. We will help you find the right balance between human and machine tasks to have the most significant impact on your business outcomes.

ShoreWise Consulting harnessed a technology-backed recruitment process and hiring strategy enabling us to build a suitably qualified, skilled and efficient team with ease. 

— Henry Kavanaugh, VP Human Resources

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