Streamline Your Recruiting With a Customised Talent Acquisition Strategy

We create effective talent acquisition strategies to ensure you find and attract top talent for hard-to-fill roles.
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Art of Hiring Top Accounting Talents – A Guide for 2021

Helping you solve your talent acquisition complexities

We at ShoreWise help you adopt a people-centric strategy in line with your business requirements and goals. You get the best business outcomes from our acclaimed talent acquisition consultants.  We will help you re-strategize your talent acquisition process to accelerate your organizational growth.

We will help you review existing people’s strategies, identify the areas of improvement, and then develop a recruiting, selection, and hiring process based on industry best practices. Together we can help you unlock the true potential of employees to realize the most of available possibilities.

Ensuring business success and growth

Strategic Consulting

We help you align your talent strategy with your business goals and define roadmaps to seize opportunities for improving talent acquisition.

Customized Solutions

We provide you with tailored solutions and employee engagement campaigns that are purpose-driven and as per your business requirements.


We help you design and implement result-oriented people strategies and approaches to boost productivity and business outcomes. 

Acquire a comprehensive and customized suite of solutions

Agency Services

We provide services that combine technology and real people with effective marketing to scale up your talent acquisition. We will offer support programs and tailor-made services to serve your in-house teams. We design strategies that are aligned to your business goals.

Data & Analytics

We help you understand the people factor that drives effective talent acquisition strategies. Our teams help you collect, organize and optimize employee and recruitment data, and convert it into insights you can use to drive long-lasting value.

Talent Technology

We help you stay up-to-date in a dynamic work environment by helping you choose, implement and maintain technology platforms and tools for talent acquisition. Our qualified team will codify inputs, outputs and recruitment metrics to give you the best results.

Executive Search

You can get well-trained and highly qualified talent with industry expertise for all executive and senior-level positions in your organization. We follow a unique approach to identify and recruit the perfect match for both the job and your company.

HR Consulting

We offer outsourced human resources services to provide high-level solutions and recommendations to your management teams. Whether you want to implement a new benefits package or need an external perspective on a particular project, our HR consultants will be ready to help you.

Candidate Sourcing

We help you identify and acquire the best candidates with the right skill sets and experience for your business.We rely on our nationwide contacts and vast social networks and use proactive new technologies.  We don’t just give you candidates who work, but curious individuals who work with passion.  

Employer Branding

We help you project a unique image of your company true to your business objectives. We can assist you in creating a rich employer branding experience critical to attracting the right talent. Signature your brand to establish uniqueness to your journey of success.

Employee Retention & Engagement

With our teams, you get the much-desired emotional commitment from your employees for better productivity. Our teams work hard to intelligently search, recruit, and engage candidates for you that can offer an active long-run contribution to your organization.

Metrics-Based Decision Making Solutions

We collect and analyze intelligent employee data that will be helpful in refining and re-designing a people strategy for you. Our metrics-based solutions guide your organization in terms of time, cost, and resources. You can also use this data for evaluating the employees strengths and weaknesses. 

Case Studies

Assembling Teams With our Headhunting Experts

Helping clients find both entry-level and executive-level candidates for hard-to-fill positions.

Providing Technical and Sales Support to Hanoi

ShoreWise helped in designing an appropriate compensation and benefits structure for employees

Delivering a Reliable Contingent Workforce

Helping a niche client hire a reliable workforce onboard in 15 days to get started with a new project

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Customized talent acquisition solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Attract and hire the best talent to strengthen your workforce with our enhanced RPO services.

Talent Acquisition Automation

We help you pre-screen, interview and qualify the right candidates in an effective and speedy process.

Global Talent Acquisition Services

We help you with the right human resource at the right time with our simplified yet robust international hiring process.

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