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We Help You Design, Implement and Manage a Rigorous Audit Strategy

Compliance Reinforcement

You can avoid costly legal situations in your organization that may arise due to complaints and accusations from employees, clients or external agencies. We help you draft legally compliant Human Resources policies, practices and procedures.

Identify Potential Non-Compliant Areas

We help you identify weaknesses in your organization’s accounting and HR systems and also suggest appropriate improvements. You stay updated on the situations and areas where compliance needs to be in place.

Detection and Reduction in Fraud

We can assist you with our compliance audit services that aim to evaluate your organization’s fraud risk assessment, detect or mitigate fraud, and even assist in any fraud investigations.

Improve Company Reliability

You can get comprehensive audit reports whose results will add credibility when your company publishes information for its customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and tax authorities.

A Focused Approach to Building HR Accountability


Diverse Solutions

We cover the entire gamut of your Human Resources functions with our audit services. You can seek our support for employee identity and authorization audits, personnel file audits, employment practices audits, compensation audits, etc.

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Valuable Advice

You can get valuable insights into your business proceedings, margin expectancy, and business objectives with our audit services. We can provide advice across multiple domains like tax planning, tightening internal controls, or even fraud mitigation.


Compliance Awareness

Our Compliance Audit services can help you be aware of whether your business is running according to the statutory norms and company policies. This will help you prevent any business irregularities.


Authentic Evaluation

With our thorough compliance audit services, you can get results and reports that suggest improvements to make your business more efficient. We help you identify weaknesses in your regulatory compliance processes and create paths for improvement.

Stay on top of regulations and avoid liability costs

ShoreWise Compliance Audits can be a valuable first step in improving your organization’s HR and other functions. Our audit program will help you identify areas that may be out of compliance with federal, state or local employment laws.

You can avail of our audit services, which will help you avoid legal and regulatory non-compliance and liability overheads. At the same time, you may get comprehensive information about how competitive your company strategies are, in comparison to those of other employers in the industry. 

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A Strategic Approach to Compliance Auditing

Legal Compliance

We help you determine whether your organization is in compliance with federal, state and local employment laws. We will conduct onsite interviews with employees and management personnel, review important HR documents, and conduct file audits as well.

Procedure Audit

We can help you with an audit of your Employee Handbook based on industry best practices and in alignment with federal regulations. This can help you with valuable information related to employee-related issues. 

Record Keeping Audit

Our auditing services for your Records Management system will ensure if your organization’s electronic and physical records are compliant with the legal and regulatory requirements.

Compensation Audit

We review your pay practices and compensation structures as per FLSA guidelines. We will help you improve upon your Compensation Program to make it more equitable and competitive.

Recruitment Audit

Our employment and recruitment audit involve an audit of your onboarding and employment and practices. You can ensure whether your job postings have been legally compliant and if the posted salaries are consistent across all channels.

Employee Relations Audit

Our audit checks for your organization’s employee relations will help you know if your policies can adequately settle any questionable disciplinary matters involving employees and utilize effective personnel practice.

Benefits Check

You can have a review of your company’s compensation and benefits practices to ensure there are no legal violations and the benefits are in accordance with an employee’s performance and responsibilities. 

Performance Appraisal Systems Audit

A compliance audit for your organization’s employee performance appraisal policies will give you essential information related to performance planning, evaluation and feedback, and more.

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HR Process Design

You can craft an efficient HR system based on your organization’s specific needs and business outcomes.

HR Automation

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